Motivated by desire for demographic renewal, Don Fabijan, a young priest on a Dalmatian island starts secretly puncturing all the packaged condoms before they are sold. He is soon joined by the local god-fearing newsstand salesman and the mad pharmacist, and they practically abolish all contraception on the island. However, after initial success, numerous weddings and new births, things become complicated. Finally, the bishop arrives to the island and the situation goes out of control.


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Movie review: The Priest's Children / Sveenikova djeca
A priest plays God in a small town on a Croatian island; hilarity ensues

Posted: July 10, 2013 By André Crous - Staff Writer

The Priest's Children (Svecenikova djeca): Karlovy Vary Review
1:24 PM PDT 7/14/2013 by Boyd van Hoeij

This acerbic satire from top Croatian Vinko Bresan could find niche arthouse exposure.

Alissa Simon

A colourful, fun and breezy film about sex and religion, Vinko Brešan’s The Priest’s Children is a comedy charmer.