He created his ZeRo gamertag in 2005 and has been playing Smash since Smash 64. Gonzalo Barrios is originally from Chillán, Chile and frequently traveled to the United States to compete in tournaments. Ultimate"/Nintendo For 13 minutes, Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios’ face barely moved. Ultimate"/Nintendo If both players fall at the same time, Chrom will always die second, making it a silly way to close out matches.While ZeRo considers Chrom the best sword character for his strong offense, Marth and Lucina have a more balanced play-style that use their weapons for range and managing the space.The two characters are largely the same, but Marth does more damage with the tip of his sword. A few feet away, Barrios’ bodyguard kept a lookout for a man who’d threatened to be there, in wait, with a gun aimed at the champion gamer. ZeRo, YouTube His spacing in these interactions also makes it very difficult for his opponents to attempt a reverse edge guard. Zero Suit Samus (ゼロスーツサムス, Zero Suit Samus) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros.
Ultimate"/Nintendo Ultimate, officially confirmed on June 12th, 2018.Once again, Zero Suit Samus is unconnected to the standard playable Samus, although she temporarily transforms into the latter during her Final Smash.Zero Suit Samus is classified as fighter #29. He became widely considered as the 2nd best overall Smash player in the world, only trailing Mew2King.

Trivia. This comeback mechanic suits his playstyle, since he can play keepaway with opponents fairly well with his projectile and normal attacks.With multiple moves capable of killing opponent' at high damage, Lucario can be a stressful matchup for characters who can't put him down before the aura ability takes effect.Mewtwo, the legendary psychic Pokémon, was considered one of the stronger characters in the previous Super Smash Bros. game, and his skillset remains solid in "Ultimate." Ultimate"/Nintendo ZeRo Challenges Himself To Win With Every Character In For Glory In A Row! "Super Smash Bros.

Zero was the best player in Super Smash Brothers For Wii U and the top Smash content creator on YouTube.

Olimar's other moves are fairly safe too, allowing him to slowly wear away at the patience and health of other player while staying out of range of their reprisals.

CommunityGame 8,101,446 views With multiple moves that can cover the opponent in ink, a strong Inkling player can maintain an advantage throughout the match.Even without the ink giving an extra edge, the Inkling has strong basic attacks, and can use their Ink Roller special to guarantee kills on weakened enemies.As the mascot of Pokémon, Pikachu is one of the original "Super Smash Bros." characters, and has had one of the most balanced designs throughout the series. In addition to a large projectile and incredible teleport for stage recovery, Mewtwo's tail gives him good range on several attacks.Like Lucario, Mewtwo has a multiples moves that are good for finishing off opponents. Differently-colored Pikmin have different effects on an opponent: Some do heavy damage, while others may poison or temporarily stun an opponent. "Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate" can The "Super Smash Bros." franchise has a long and storied history of grassroots tournaments and esports events dedicated to finding the best players around the world, and the games evolve constantly as players develop new strategies and techniques.ZeRo released his first tier list for the game in late December, ranking The ranks will shift over time, but ZeRo separated the characters into four primary tiers; Top-tier characters are considered the best; high-tier characters are strong with some flaws; mid-tier characters are solid but may lack strong tools, and low-tier characters struggle to stay competitive.It's important to note that just because a character is high-tier, they won't always win; match-ups between specific characters will sway based on the strategy of the players and the way their moves interact.