Well a Zanpakutō Spirit is just the manifestation that reflects a Shinigami's soul. Based on what we see the acid might be able to heal as well, which would've allowed her to prolong her fights, and would fit with how she was training Zaraki.Her shikai is weird, I agree. She killed and revived ken many many times.Oh and re bf's question : she and zaraki have a weird sexual thing going on. Hitsugaya mentions that it seems that Gerard and Zaraki seems to be some sort of match made in heaven.Gerard strikes his sword on the ground in an effort to hurt Zaraki, but it misses him, Zaraki runs up the sword and tries to swing his sword. ?I think she is a physical form of the zanpakuto, which is why I think that she might be important here. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 669, when we even go as far as to see the magnificent Zaraki’s Bankai, I can’t wait!how weird it is..i mean how come Kusajishi didn’t disappear when Zaraki already called out his Zanpakuto’s name when he was with Unohana…then suddenly?? Zaraki is happy to see that Gerard looks slow but is much faster than he looks.Hitsugaya attacks but Zaraki beats him down after he mentions that he is not his opponent and that he should just let him fight him. According to the story Yachiru turned up when Kenpachi got the sword and didn’t have a name. Zaraki realises that Yachiru has given Zaraki the ability to unleash his Bankai!Bleach 668 begins as Zaraki is hurt by the knock back from the sword held by Gerard. Hitsugaya mentions that they cannot let Zaraki fight this alone.On top of which, Zaraki has removed his eye patch out, meaning that he’s fighting with all he’s got and that it’s not someone he can fight like this. As a Zanpakuto Spirit that has been materialized for hundreds of years, she was aware of the power long before she knew that everyone else called it "Bankai." Yachiru Kusajishi (草鹿 八千流, ... Zanpakuto. He is arguing that it is weird that it is a manta ray that heals and then goes to bankai being somewhat destructive and wants to know how many bleach fans agree with him which I am also curious about. Remember that Zanpakuto's real name is Asauchi. I think she should’ve had something more related to her.”It is kinda related to her though. I’m looking forward to an epic Bankai now!I think it’s been enough time for Yachiru to grow up under Zaraki. Part of his Zanpakto, yes. Since he's the only one she uses her bankai against, it's safe to assume her bankai reflects her personality back then when they previously fought.Oooo I’ve never thought of it as a reflection of her present and past self. It's explained by Ōetsu Nimaiya.

when i saw yachiru explain to kenpachi that the power she is giving him is what they call bankai, i got confused. u can criticise KT 4 alot of things, from the extension of the series after it was blatantly over, to the silly way ichi got his powers back. It also explains why she disappeared after his sword release – Yes he asked her to get herself patched up but as soon as he released his sword you never heard from her again. Can you imagine the damage that will cause? While her Bankai is an all-consuming ocean of corrosive acid that reflects her true, violent nature as the Kenpachi. So, Zaraki had two spirits.

Did Kenpachi know Yachiru was connected to him that way? She was never affected by Zaraki’s tremendous Reiatsu.

Bleach 668.A fantastic chapter, truly something to tell everyone about. The episode where he finally...impales her was released on valentines day. When she died, he was able to not imprint his soul, but to actually make Suzumushi his own Zanpakuto. I have a feeling that Zaraki’s Bankai will be Sanpo Kenju, in that it will telegraph Nozorashi from the front and back.

Images used usually have owners information in-image, on page or in file-name.Love Anime, Manga and Fan Art? Bleach 668 raises my expectation as it seems Yachiru is the physical manifestation of Zaraki's Zanpakuto. Kaname’s friend had a Zanpakuto, which was actually Suzumushi.