He also reworked the classic Laurel and Hardy movie song Trail of the Lonesome Pine featuring politician Sir Cyril Smith.TV audiences also saw the actor play a cameo role in the award winning series, The League of Gentlemen.Estelle passed away on in August 2003 aged 70, with his family at his bedside in Rochdale Infirmary following a period of illness.His widow said: 'He had a lovely singing voice, He regretted it was not more well known.


Donald Hewlett played Colonel Charles Reynolds in It Ain't Half Hot Mum (left) and later in life (right) went on to have five children including daughter Siobhan Hewlett who is also an actorHewlett, who played Colonel Charles Reynolds in the show, frequently appeared in other British sitcoms including sci-fi parody Come Back Mrs. Noah and BBC's You Rang, M'Lord.

The show has often been accused of (unconsciously) flirting with racism. Laurel and Hardy: Why didn't you tell me you had 2 legs - Duration: 7:34. Donald died after a short bout of pneumonia on 4th June 2011 at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in West London aged 90.In It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Michael Knowles played Captain Jonathan Ashwood (left). Tributes to the late London-born actor have poured in The star was the son of actor Norman Mitchell who appeared in The Pink Panther Strikes AgainThe role of Gunner 'Parky' Parkin was played by Christopher Mitchell - the son of actor Norman Mitchell of The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Oliver! and It Sticks Out Half a Mile. Layton went on to star as Pat Butcher's love interest in EastEnders.

Kenneth Williams carry on doctor print Greeting Card.

'He never lost the ability to squat on his haunches — a great relaxation trick.'

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Layton was also also the voice of Sydney, the well know animated character in the Tetley Tea adverts. Pictured right: at the age of 84 last yearJohn Clegg, born to English parents in Murree, Punjab, India in 1934, played Gunner 'Paderewski' Graham.

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It Ain't Half Hot Mum Season 4 Ep 5 Lofty's Little Friend - Duration: 29:56. Windsor Davies, who passed away last week, on the set of It Ain't Half Hot Mum in the early 1980s (left) and in 1994 (right). From $1.94. Craig Espinoza 8,254 views. !It Ain't Half Hot Mum ran for eight years and brought the release of a cast album of the show.The ensuing single, Whispering Grass, sold well over one million copies; a follow-up album by the duo, Sing Lofty, sold more than 80,000 copies.Estelle performed regularly around the world, from the UK to New Zealand, Australia and beyond.In 1999 he wrote his autobiography, Thoughts of a Gemini. 'The character was very loose with his terminology but that's how sergeant majors talked. Windsor Davies was born on August 28, 1930 in Canning Town, London, England. "'Windsor Davies, who passed away last week, on the set of It Ain't Half Hot Mum in the early 1980s (left) and in 1994 (right). He and Jayne have legal guardianship of three foster children, Josh, Jordan and Toni.

How sad. Michael Bates as Rangi Ram (left) and in the BBC's The Escape Club (right).

Windsor Davies's portrayal of the fierce, deep-voiced, moustached Sergeant-Major in sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum made him a household name in the 1970s.The actor and singer, who also gained chart-topping success with a novelty duet, died peacefully on Thursday aged 88, his daughter Jane said.Born in 1930 to Welsh parents in Canning Town, east London, he moved to his father's village in Ogmore Valley, Wales, at the outbreak of the Second World War.October 1976: TV legend died on Thursday at home in France, according to his familyDavies worked as an electrical engineer in the mines, completed National Service in Libya and Egypt, and then trained as a teacher before taking up amateur dramatics in adulthood, according to the British Film Institute.He spent around a decade trying to make it as an actor before his big break.Supported by his wife Eluned, Davies played a number of supporting roles in dramas before being cast in BBC show It Ain't Half Hot Mum (1974-81).He played Battery Sergeant-Major 'Shut Up' Williams, a ferocious disciplinarian determined to impose his authority upon the "bunch of poofs" in the Royal Artillery Concert Party.The comedy star, whose catchphrases included the mocking 'Oh dear, how sad, never mind', once said the show was 'my saviour' and 'saved me from being a great actor'.1976: Davies played Sergeant Major Williams in the popular comedy show, It Ain't Half Hot MumAway from TV, Davies had a number one single in 1975 with the novelty hit Whispering Grass along with co-star Don Estelle.The track, which sold well over a million copies, was announced as the sixth-biggest selling duet of all time in 2011 by the Official Chart Company.Davies struck up a successful partnership with the diminutive 4 ft 9 ins Estelle, who played Lofty in the 70s sitcom, after they met on the north of England club circuit.A follow-up album by the duo, Sing Lofty, sold more than 80,000 copies.It Ain't Half Hot Mum ran for seven years and brought the release of a cast album of the show.Davies's credits also include Doctor Who, the TV series Ring Out An Alibi, The New Statesman, Terrahawks and Never The Twain, as well as the films Carry On England and Carry On Behind.His most recent credited appearance was in an episode of My Family in 2004.Eluned, his wife of 62 years, died in September and they leave behind 'a large and very close family who will all remember them with love, laughter and gratitude', a family statement said.The couple are widely reported to have had five children, including the casting director Jane Davies.