That's fine if you are looking to buy more jewelry, as your trade-in value will likely be higher than the cash value. For example, you may try selling valuable pieces at an auction. For example:The nice thing about using an auction site like Worthy is that you get professional assistance all the way through the transaction. There is a diamond pear-shaped/platinum with 2 single diamonds with surround diamonds (appraised in 2018 for $19,000). This can include:These documents will help you accurately assess the characteristics of your jewellery while proving their authenticity to potential buyers. Sotheby's sells jewelry at auction in New York, London, Hong Kong, Geneva, Paris, and Milan as well as in online auctions that occur throughout the year. Shoppers of pawn shops expect ultra-low prices and the buyers need to account for some profit margin for themselves.However, both jewelry stores and pawn shops should use the current You've probably seen store signs stating, “We buy gold” during your daily commute. Time to go!From past research I’ve done as a business journalist on selling gold jewelry (including dental fillings. From inspection to sale, fine jewelry professionals are with you the whole time.This process helps ensure you’re not selling your jewelry piece for too little–or to the wrong people.And more. Once you list your item for sale, it’s up to you to communicate with the buyer for payment, shipment, etc. When you Expanding your potential buyer list means you have a better chance of selling your jewelry at a price that pleases you. In cases like this, CashforGoldUSA and CashforDiamondsUSA (a sister site) can be an excellent means of selling your jewelry. The company claims that more than 90% of its customers receive a final offer price higher than the midpoint of the guaranteed range (which includes shipping and insurance). Other useful jewellery documents include:However if you are missing your jewellery’s original box and paperwork, not a problem, you can still sell your jewellery. Conveniently sell your luxury jewelry.

But it may be better to save time and sell lower-quality jewelry for scrap value to make money quickly.You should know as much about the jewelry you’re trying to sell as possible. Worthy's marketplace is accessible to buyers via mobile, desktop, with auctions running daily, every day of the year. WP Diamonds was founded in 2012 to create a marketplace for people to buy and sell diamonds and other fine jewelry pieces quickly and safely.

You can either simply schedule an appointment with our diamond and jewellery experts for an expert evaluation and a final price offer.

You can read my The second difference is in the evaluation process. Jewelry & Watches. Read my WP Diamonds is another big player in the jewelry and watch resale space, though, as the name suggests, they specialize in diamonds.However, theirs is a more traditional buyback platform, in that WP Diamond's in-house expert will evaluate your jewelry, and then make an offer. As an established, international business with offices in New York, Hong Kong and the UK, we are able to leverage our global industry connections to offer you the most competitive prices for your jewellery. You can even sell dental scrap when it doesn’t contain bone or porcelain.

Check out You’ll likely earn more money if you choose to list your item for sale on the site, but the downside is that it will probably take longer to get that money.Note that it’s free to list your piece on the site. Of course, I had a family friend we had known for years that was able to help me. Most diamond appraisers work with the Even if your town doesn't have a fine jewelry store, it likely has a pawn shop.Jewelry stores will only buy items in high demand, such as necklaces, gold rings, and diamonds.

In many cases, you can get paid within 24 hours.