"In fact it's got so bad that — I never thought I'd hear my wife say it but last week she said if somebody dropped a bomb on the world and we're all wiped out, that'd be OK."The Harrisons are one of many families across Victoria at the mercy of an ice addiction.Ten years ago, just 135 people were caught by Victoria Police using or possessing ice.In the last financial year, and according to the latest crime statistics, there were more than 6,000. "There's a lot of people that don't like me," she said. Parachute Ice Cream. "We can't believe it's like this," said Mr Harrison, 73. The city was first established as the seat of the British colonial government. "It's the same again. Unclaimed. "When a new drug comes along it really means that you've got to start looking at what is the best treatment options and I think that's sometimes where the treatment sector lags behind what's actually happening on the ground. Publicly funded rehabilitation beds are in short supply and have months-long waiting lists, forcing desperate families to turn to unregulated private clinics.Private ice rehabilitation centres are now a lucrative business in Victoria, with some charging up to $30,000 for a coveted place.But for those who cannot pay and are unable to wait months for a place in the public system, community rehabilitation can be life-altering.It is a complex state of affairs, according to Laurence Alvis, the executive officer of the specialist drug and alcohol service, Uniting ReGen. But Ross doesn’t draw the same conclusion. Set in a slightly industrial part of town it...Parachute is THE place for outstanding service and delicious desserts. Our community is a better place thanks to Parachute.I had heard of Parachute Ice Cream and finally decided to wander down Bridge Street to try it out. See all restaurants in Victoria. Victorian Coroners Court data shows methamphetamine overdose deaths more than doubled from 14 in 2010 to 34 in 2012.■ Victoria Police is on track to bust a record number of clandestine methamphetamine labs, with 90 discovered so far this calendar year compared with 99 in the 2011-12 financial year.■ Armed robberies in central Victoria's Loddon region have risen from a long-term average of about 10 per year to 40 in the past 12 months, with 30 of those suspected to be ice-related.■ Drug treatment workers in Victoria's west are reporting high ice use in remote towns, including one small place where 10 per cent of the population are estimated to be heavy users.Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana told Fairfax Media that senior officers from regional areas were reporting that ice was a big problem. Shop staff have always been...I admit, it takes a lot for me not to rate an ice cream shop highly, but Parachute is pretty great. SOPHIE ANDERTON .The Canadian Ice Diamonds ethical jewellery collection UK launch, Goldsmiths boutique, Victoria St., London, England..September 22nd, 2011.full length black dress tights red bag purse .CAP/CAN.©Can Nguyen/Capital Pictures.

Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria visitors can tour colourful gardens like those at Butchart, eat and drink at top Canadian spots, and get out into the spectacular natural environment.After exploring the city, you don’t need to fly, ferry, or cruise out of Victoria. ''One such place has a known ice-using community of 12,'' Mr Scale said.

The rise of crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, is devastating regional Victoria. We've had a number of homicides where ice has been taken by individuals that have been charged. Only problem, one of the owners is really not the best with customer care (probably good with...While not really an ice cream eater this place is the exception for me. "Ms Ablett, a born-again Christian and nurse, started the Ice Meltdown Project with the hope of stemming the tide of addiction in her home town.There is no waiting list and she charges a one-off payment of $250.Since the program was established, demand has increased year-on-year, Ms Ablett said. "Their 24-year-old grandson, who they are reluctant to identify, became addicted to ice earlier this year.The drug has whittled away his life savings and his mental health.Their home, once a place where friends used to gather, is now under the persistent threat of anger and violence. By Paul Toohey and Gary Ramage.Drug addiction is rife around Gippsland, especially at Sale and Heyfield.A SMALL Victorian town is riddled with ice addicts disguised as business professionals, tradies, university students and even 13-year-old kids.And all anybody needs is $20 in their pocket to get their next hit of crystal meth from dealers on the streets.Sale is a town in Gippsland with a population of around 12,000 people and the Police Association of Victoria recently discovered eight out of 10 people police dealt with in the area were affected by ice.But that statistic is not surprising to those who live around the area, who say people are making it in the back of their cars and selling it on the street.They say those who fall into the ice trap then resort to stealing from their loved ones and people in the community.Ice has rapidly become an epidemic across the state and is seeping from Sale into Heyfield, a town with a population of around 2000, just 33 kilometres away.Ray Akers owns the general store in Heyfield and has seen “good kids” fall foul of the drug and believes society will lose a generation to ice.“I’ve seen the devastation that surrounds families when somebody is on ice and the parents feel hopeless and feel shame,” he said.“They just wonder what they have done wrong and it just brings a family to its knees.”Mr Akers had products valued at $500 stolen from his store and resold for $100, just enough for an addict to secure another stash. They also offer gluten free and non diary ones. "I'm scared to go out because of the people that he associates with," Mrs Harrison said.The foundations of Mr and Mrs Harrison's 50-year marriage, once rock solid, now bear stress fractures.