The software has plenty of editing options, making it easier to bring old videotapes back up to modern standards in terms of picture quality. You simply connect the VCR to the capture box and hook the latter up to your Mac via the back USB port (the keyboard ones won’t have enough power to keep the device working). Included This is pretty understandable as the video is transferred in 720 x 480, improving the quality of old grainy footage a bit and raising the resolution. Thus, you can get HD video even when working with PlayStation or a VCR.Of course, capturing footage is just the first step because no matter how good your recording device is, it can’t smooth out all the imperfections found in the old VHS format. And, just so you don’t confuse the DVDs later on, you can design labels in the very same program!Also, we’re not saying you should be bragging about your first steps or showing off the cool birthday party you had as a kid… But we are saying that you can upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, or Apple devices right after ripping it. And, of course, the Diamond Multimedia VC500 offers that option and the process is pretty much the same. So if you have a library of tapes to digitize, the ClearClick VHS to DVD Grabber is a great and budget-friendly pick for sure.For years and years, we all captured precious moments of our lives via photographs and home videos, recorded on basic cheap cameras. Only those with the absolute minimum of tech knowledge will need a guide but those are readily available on YouTube in any case.Now, what you do get is accessories to make things easier. Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows Vista Home Basic (SP1), Windows XP (SP3 for 32-bit, SP2 for 64-bit)1.6 GHz processor and 512MB RAM or more, or the minimum system requirements of the OS, whichever is higherDirectX 9 compatible graphics card or higher, sound card, DVD-ROM driveUSB video capture device, USB cable, software installation CDWorks on Mac and syncs perfectly with the OS's built-in video editing software and programs meant for DVD burning.

With the number of functions you get, a simple home video can be turned into a whole movie if you have the time and inclination.The drivers that come with the purchase are outdated and you'll have to download new ones to keep the software working properly.Sometimes old footage deteriorates and leaves quite a lot to be desired. You’ll need two additional components to get your old VHS tapes transferred onto DVD - specialist software, and a DVD burner. It quickly became clear, though, that the program utilizes your PC capabilities to the max and thus works well, providing quality that’s equal to the source at worst and even a bit better most of the time.

System Requirements System Requirements If you’re looking to upgrade your hardware too, check out our guide to the The DIGITNOW Video Capture Converter is another solid option if you’re looking for a VHS to DVD converter cable.

If your answer is “yes”, you’ll be excited to try out the Pinnacle Systems DVCPTENAM.This kit comes with everything you need to hook up your consoles, VHS, Hi8, and V8 cameras, VCR, or DVD player to your PC or laptop and capture any video and audio that’s playing. VIDBOX Sure, it’s still nice to see a milestone like this but with the Roxio 251000 kit you can clear up the picture and make it more presentable! Alternatively, you can spring for an adapter if you really want to get video straight from the cam.Now, let’s talk a little about the software that you get with the ClearClick VHS to DVD Grabber. Here are the top 5 to work with. ClearClick VHS To DVD And after you've digitized your old videos and left the basic analog age behind, you're going to need a good you can always use a VCR to DVD converter to transfer the video from a VHS tape to a more modern format! However, progress and time are marching on and while VHS tapes can last a while, they'll soon become completely obsolete and any information kept on them will be lost to the ages. The settings may be a bit sparse for more experienced users. Doing so is quite simple if you have the right hardware and software and, while you can opt to ask for professional help and spend hundreds on each of the tapes, you can give it a try at home instead. And, looking at how chock-full of handy features it is, we definitely agree. Included ClearClick