If Rick was over his ex-wife (Diane), then he wouldn't even bring the issues up because it wouldn't matter to him.In the newest episode (season 3 episode 1), while tricking the gromflomites he says the day he invented the portal gun is the day he lost her. The thing is: What happened to her? Will Beth's mother be in season five after her daughter was cloned in Rick and Morty? :scream: Anyways. They keep saying she died and they leave it at that.

But we the viewers cant make any sense out of it.Rick is about to get cozy with this pretty blond right here, but then she turns into this alien monster thing that probably wants to eat Rick.Long story short, Mrs. Sanchez is dead, because Rick messed up.We have already seen in season 1 episode 6 that Rick does not have a perfect handle on genetics, because he mutates the world over and over, until he gives up and finds a new dimension.And he does this while he is the most brilliant man in the universe. With that said, there is still one more question...Why doesn't Rick just go to another dimension and take DNA from a living Diane?I heard this one theory about it, and that is because those Ricks might not let C-137 Rick touch their Diane since C-137 killed his.Anyways that is my theory guys! Maybe Rick came back a couple of times and hung out with Morty without Beth knowing he was there. In Season 2 episode 3, Beth says that she knows she sounds like her mom but she cant sacrifice the family for Ricks insanity. Altering someones DNA is probably a big no-no.Now that Rick is a universal criminal he joined Bird Person, Squanchy and many others to fight back the government as marked terrorist. So who can say how many mistakes and failed experiments before that. The answer is because Beth knows that Jerry wont leave her like Rick did. Then Rick desperately attempted to make her lover him again, he turned her into a mutant alien and forcing Rick to kill her. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, If that was the case then Beth would probably be more angry at her father than welcoming when he returned. News hounds probably think they've heard everything there is to know about the lawsuit filed by Diana Sanchez after she gave birth in Denver County Jail. Ik I made a whole rant about jerry,-- You can go check it out, just click on my profile and its called "Poll Results: Rant but Jerry and Beth have a toxic marriage. Rick and Morty theories: Rick to be revealed as a cloneIn The ABC's of Beth, Rick gave his daughter the option to clone herself but it wasn't revealed what she had decided.So in season four, fans saw Beth actually ask her dad to choose: should a clone be made of her to stay at home on Earth while she had her own adventures?To avoid an awkward conversation, Rick made her unconscious and created a clone but he swapped their identities so he could never know which one was his real daughter.In the flashback, Rick's wife was killed when a future Rick tried to assassinate him. !BUT HEY, THAT'S JUST A THEORY A RICK AND MORTY THEORY!Join the fastest growing community for Rick and Morty fans! Or something like that. Comment what you think of it, or if there is any detail I left out!

But why does Rick care if Beth takes him back? You all might have heard of this theory.Rick might be hanging around Beth and everyone because he is doing something with Beth's DNA. But he did actually loose his wife the day he invented the portal.In Season 2 episode 3, Beth says that she knows she sounds like her mom but she cant sacrifice the family for Ricks insanity. Diana Sanchez is now suing the city and county of Denver, Denver Health Medical Center and a further six individuals as a result of the incident, FOX31 reported.
RICK AND MORTY season 4 is in full swing on Adult Swim but one person who hasn’t shown her face in … And using that move, it helps Rick determine who from his past isnt safe. But why would Beth even date Jerry in the first place? They're a codependent relationship which makes them a nightmare to deal with.So why does a smart horse surgeon like Beth stay with a clueless "half retarded" person like Jerry? What if Rick and his wife didn't actually get divorces. My best guess is that Diane was angry and bitter, and was sick of Ricks crap.

Also in the episode we see a scene where Mrs Sanchez dies, but we learn that the last part was made up memory.But the memory must have some truth to it though... right?The woman from Ricks fake flashback is not Ricks wife. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Diane Sanchez is not brought up too often, as Rick and his daughter have not fully recovered from their loss. Throughout the series we notice that Beth has severe abandonment issues. Then later on when the years weighed on him and nothing made him feel better about his wife, he finally snapped when Unity left him. And with nothing else to loose, Rick moved back with Beth to rejoin her family.He could probably generate a lot of revenue and buy his own Laboratory, so why put up woth Beth and Jerry's demands on Ricks behavior. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express The therapy session, in season 2 episode 7, had it perfectly pegged. If they are legitimate events in C-137 Rick's life then we have this one specific memory that was important enough to be a top memory. Thanks for reading!

So it would be easy enough to substitute Annie's mother for Diane.Plus freckles (Supposed Mrs. Sanchez has freckles) are a dominant trait but Beth doesn't have any.So if the galactic federation didn't recognize that Rick used a fake wife in the memory, then that must mean they dont know much about Rick or his origins. I have 2 suspicions...Rick needs Morty, because Morty's lack of intelligence over layers Ricks intelligence which keeps Rick safe from the Federation. newspaper archive.What happened to Beth's mother Diane Sanchez in Rick and Morty? This brief glimpse of Mrs Sanchez only shows her from the back, but the hair and clothes both seem to match how Diane looked in the season three flashback/fabrication. They are no pictures around the house, even though Beth remembers her fondly.Now before we go into the whole "What happened to Diane" lets take a second to talk about Beth and Jerry. Hope you liked it.