They trade big strikes in the middle of the ring now. Out next comes The Stone takes the mic and starts bragging about his brand in the ring, saying they've been on fire as of late.

Reed avoids The Reckoning and turns that into a jackknife pin for the win out of nowhere.- After the match, Reed stands tall as a shocked Priest looks on. Sam headlined the new Virgin Money Unity Arena at Newcastle Racecourse where 2,500 people came to watch him from 500 platforms which were spaced two metres apart from one another. Grimes charges back into the action and they all three go down for a pop as the crowd cheers, following Dream's superkick to Grimes.

The Undisputed Era stands tall in the ring as their music hits.- We see what happened last week with Legado del Fantasma and Breezango. They hit superkicks and Carter covers for a 2 count.

I'm glad Gyu-Kaku came on this side too. Yim launches Hartwell with a suplex, dumping her on her head. Legado del Fantasma retreats to the floor as and looks on as Swerve yells at them from the ring, as Breeze checks on Fandango.- Back from the break and we get a vignette for Ridge Holland. Cole rants about McAfee coming to his world and play wrestling. Miami pitcher Jose Urena was scratched from his scheduled start in Sunday's game, and catcher Jorge Alfaro went on the injured list Friday. Hartwell unloads in the corner but she angers Yim with chops. Kross sends him to the corner as Scarlett looks on from ringside. We go to replays. He comes back in and Breeze attacks. Yim fights back out of the corner but Hartwell catches her with a big sidewalk slam for a 2 count. It must've had to be a joke to share 1 grill with 7 hungry people LOL. Grimes breaks it up with the Cave In. Grimes is going to Takeover. The referee checks on them. Tonight, I want to talk about why I'm even more proud to be an American -- why I'm proud to be a Republican and why I believe this country is in good hands. Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Cole takes the mic and addresses Pat McAfee. We Came To Party! Thankfully the receptionist changed to a long table with 2 grill! Grimes exits the ring and talks to the WWE Hall Of Famer Returning To RAW Next Week, WWE Teasing Another Possible Return (Video)WWE Superstar Returns On Tonight's SmackDown (Video)WWE 205 Live Recap (8/14): Ariya Daivari Battles Jake Atlas, Ever-Rise Takes On Legaldo Del FantasmaWINC Podcast (8/14): WWE SmackDown Review With Matt Morgan, SummerSlam Location, NXT Vs. AEW RatingsAiden English Comments On His In-Ring And Commentary FutureSadie Gibbs Confirms AEW Departure After Roster Removals He was younger than I thought he would be. In his early 40s with a great body, perfectly styled hair with just a hint of grey. Martinez with big thrusts in the corner now. He says the hype with last week's debut was real.We go back to the ring and Indi Hartwell is in the ring waiting. Stone gets sent out as the bell hits. Kushida drops Dream to the floor with a big DDT.Kushida goes to the top but Grimes takes his legs out. Reed blocks another suplex attempt but Priest keeps pounding. Reed stands tall as his music plays.- Back from the break and we get a video package from We go back to the ring and out comes the team of Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter. [Verse 1: LL Cool J] Ain't no problem, I'm on it – oldest man in the club Also one of the richest, a hundred bottles of bub It's just me and the Russians, we get all of the love Burch turns it around in the corner and hits a missile dropkick for a pop. Dream is still face-down on the outside as we go to commercial.Back from the break and Kushida controls both competitors. The debate, set for 7 p.m., will be shown live on-air on NEWS CENTER Maine as well as streamed online on the three outlets’ digital platforms.NEWS CENTER Maine is the TV partner of the Press Herald; the collaboration with the Bangor Daily News marks the first time in recent history the two newspapers have collaborated on a candidate debate.“In a time of intense media competition, we’re glad to partner with the Press Herald and NEWS CENTER Maine to host a smart debate for this hugely important Senate race,” Dan MacLeod, the BDN’s managing editor, said.

The referee calls the match as Burch fades.- After the match, Scarlett joins Kross in the ring as the music hits. Dream gets sent to the floor twice in a row now. It’s not known yet if the other 15 will come to fruition.A spokesperson for the Collins campaign said Collins “is looking forward to the debates and discussing all of the issues that are important to Maine.”The latest poll from Quinnipiac University shows a narrow edge Gideon, who received 47 percent of the vote to Collins’ 43 percent. Kross with a big Exploder suplex. Breeze follows but Escobar levels him and takes the knee out. We didnt come here to fight I said: ''Grab our selves a bottle'' A toast to the good life Just 'cause a guy got a suit and a tie Don't mean he gonna text ya Just 'cause I walk with a limp like an old school pimp Don't mean I slept But If you wanna talk tough And you wanna puff up Breeze keeps control and drops Escobar with a Supermodel Kick.