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The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. The Mini Magic maneuvers well out of turns while maintaining a forgiving nature, and is an excellent nose rider too.
Subscribe to SURFER’s Newsletter to receive stories like this straight to your inbox.Thank you for signing up. Plus, it features a 6+6 or 6 Bottom glassing and a gloss-finish to keep the board long-lasting.Surfers also love this surfboard because it’s responsive, especially when it comes to tight turns. 9'6 Magic Model #24118-from $1,095.00. Walden Performance Surfboards (0) Log in. It’s also sturdy that will last even when you use it frequently to catch waves for fun or practice your skills. Besides its agility, you can assure that you get the board’s best performance during nose-riding.The patented design of this surfboard is what makes it very exceptional. Despite using quality-materials, controlling this board is hassle-free because it only weighs 16 pounds.Adding to the board’s maximum performance are the full rocker and bright rails. I can nose ride 1ft waves and grab the rail and drop down vertical on 6-8ft and anything in between.
The Mega has the classic Magic elements featuring hard rails concave bottom and lots of rocker but is between half an inch to an inch thicker and wider. Please note that ReviewsYouTrust work as an affiliate partner with Magicseaweed and hundreds of other retailers, so we may receive a commission for introducing you to Magicseaweed which will be used to maintain this site and produce more reviews.Thank you for taking the time to read our Walden Mega Magic 2 SLX Surfboard review. 7'6 Mini Magic 24053 $1,060.00 . Every longboard comes with high-quality, assuring sturdiness and top performance to customers since day one. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 … It has a medium-size that helps in controlling the board, especially while turning and paddling. The float and response comes from the EPS in the middle of the board while the PU on the rails gives you the fell and drive in and out of turns. It assures exceptional floatation, especially when the surfer is a little weighty. Copyright © 2020 American Media, LLC. As for the hard rails, these contribute to the overall control and stability of the board. This is a good choice for a smaller surfer, people who are transitioning from a shortboard to a longboard or vice versa - longboarders wanting to go shorter while still maintaining some volume and float. More Details 8'0 Magic Model 24149-from $1,055.00. The Dual-Core gives the Mini Magic the best of both style of constructions with PolyUrethane on the rails and EPS in the Center. Plus, you can ride this surfboard on any wave-height.This surfboard features a meek, yet stylish design in white and blue color combination. Also, the foam provides excellent floatation, making it favorable to newbies.Agility is also one factor why you should purchase it, thanks to its 2+1 fin set-up. It gives comfort on the soles as you ride the board, while the glossy-finish on top keeps it away from damages or scratches. Give the Dual-Core a try and take your surfing to the next level.Fusion Dual-Core is the perfect blend of EPS and PU foams engineered to give you the ideal feel while increasing the performance and flex of your board. It provides maximum performance, from paddling to turning, even when you’re a beginner. It also comes from a premium-quality of Expanded Polystyrene, which makes it sturdy and comfier to ride because of its added floatation.There’s convenience in controlling this surfboard because it only weighs 17 pounds. One of the best modern surfboards is the 8’6 Magic Model 23849 Longboard. Outline: Hard rails.

Quality was never an issue, as well as every surfboard’s design. The rocker provides an ease to surfers in maneuvering the tail, which is ideal for nose-riding. Plus, the entire rocker makes it easier to control the board on the tail-part.Aside from that, it uses a foam that comes from high-quality Polyurethane material. Even when you frequently use this board to surf for fun or enhance your skills, it’s long-lasting because of its gloss-finish.Many surfers admire its exceptional performance, from stability to responsiveness, because of its patented hard rails, rocker, and concave bottom. Walden 9’0 Magic Model 24139 Longboard Surfboard Longboards are all-around surfboards, and if you need to buy one from a trusted brand, you can never go wrong with 9’0 Magic Model 24139. It doesn’t only provide comfort on the sole as you ride it, but it also assures durability. It comes with a typical “V” tail-design and an 18.50-inch nose, which provides the stability you need for nose-riding.It comes with a hard, orange rail that adds acceleration to the board as you maneuver it in any surf-condition. If you’re a fan of vintage and modern styles, you’ll undoubtedly love this surfboard.Walden doesn’t fail to satisfy all its customers when it comes to design and performance. This board performs as well as slow surf as it does on speedy beach breaks.