Notable for being Russia's only direct route to Crimea, this bridge became the center of a major controversy in November 2018 when the Russian coast guard The Peljesac bridge will provide a physical connection between Croatia's Peljesac peninsula and the country's mainland coast.

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In June 2018, Nepal's prime minister, K. P. Sharma Oli, met Chinese president Xi Jinping in Beijing Initially hailed as a signature policy achievement of Joko Widodo’s presidency, construction of this rail line has suffered major delays and rising costs largely due to difficulties in land acquisition. Funded by the EU, the project has generated some controversy in Bosnia, an aspiring EU-member country, because many Bosnians view the bridge as a In November 2018, a train crossed over the South Korean border into North Korea for the A 4.5 kilometer-long road designed to lighten traffic in Hong Kong, this project is expected to finish next year after nearly a decade of construction, during which several delays and The East Coast Rail link is a 688-kilometer rail project in Malaysia intended to link the country's eastern seaboard with the Port of Klang in the west. General Construction is among the leading engineering, project management and construction company in Mauritius. Min Beds Min Baths . The Kerch Strait Bridge connects the annexed territory of Crimea in Ukraine, where Russia has maintained de facto control since 2014, with Krasnador Krai on the Russian mainland. Whether they are only just starting or nearing completion, these are the construction projects to keep your eye on for the upcoming year. You can quickly see the recap of our list below, but to see more details on budgets, expected completion dates and key project details, you need to click through the SlideShare. Upcoming projects. Property Type . All rights reserved. The project was postponed in This $2 billion coal-fired plant outside of Bangladesh’s third-largest city, Khulna, is being jointly developed by India and Bangladesh through the Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company. Reconnecting Asia tracks infrastructure developments across Eurasia, a vast landmass that includes 60 percent of the global economy. Madam Speaker, it is my honour to present the annual budget to the House and the nation for a fourth consecutive year. However, Although China and Myanmar conducted negotiations in 2018 to scale down the cost of this Myanmar port from $7.2 billion to $1.3 billion, the strategic location of the project in the Indian Ocean still makes it a Map Ta Phut Industrial Port is one of five megaprojects planned for Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor. Hosted by Several upcoming projects to enhance quality of life of the vulnerable Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Housing and Lands, Mr Showkutally Soodhun, made this statement yesterday Vice-Prime Minister Soodhun highlighted his Ministry’s key achievements for the last two years and outlined major projects in the pipeline for 2018-2020.

With Indonesia’s general election scheduled for April 2019, the opposition vice presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno has said that his party will review the China-led project to ensure that it has the right structure and creates jobs for Indonesian citizens. Republic of Mauritius. Keyword Property ID Featured Properties. Hidden Field. Goodyear now receiving development applications and submittals online.

The exceptional track record built over 60 years demonstrates our capacity to deliver innovative solutions across a wide range of sectors, to the highest quality standards. The project was originally intended to be the Since joining the China's Belt and Road Initiative in 2017, Nepal has ramped up negotiations with Beijing for infrastructure investment. Date: October 17, ... As for 2018-2019, the construction of 2 173 housing units on 16 sites at the cost of Rs 3.5 billion is in the pipeline. Max Price . Info; Brochure; Price List; Site Visit; CAPTCHA. Moreover, he emphasised that the project Longères Tôle at Baie du Tombeau aims to address the alarming situation of families living in deplorable conditions. Name. Language Selection Concerns have been raised by environmental groups about the The Amur River Rail Bridge will connect Russia’s Far East and China’s Northeast provinces where both national governments have expressed a desire to ramp up regional development. Request for Info.