We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. In a statement released on December 6, 2019, the 25-year-old admitted that he had been through "so much b.s." Medias and Tweets on @TSM_Daequan ( Daequan )' s Twitter Profile.Underneath Your Bed

Four runners up will walk away with a suite of Logitech and TSM products for themselves! Serious back pain put him out action for much of 2019, as he would struggle to sit behind his desk for hours - a requirement if you're streaming all day. “6 Snipes.. 50 Seconds. Fellow TSM member, Daequan, has also been absent on Twitch and YouTube. The fact they have built such large and dedicated followings is testament to their abilities as entertainers and content creators, but for now, it looks like life is getting in the way.Published: {{day}}/{{monthNameShort}}/{{year}} {{hourTwoDigit}}:{{minuteTwoDigit}}Updated: {{day}}/{{monthNameShort}}/{{year}} {{hourTwoDigit}}:{{minuteTwoDigit}} Grief isn’t something anyone can control or moderate, everyone feels it and will eventually have to deal with it.Daequan was last active on Twitter in March of this year where he posted about the coronavirus. It's a box that you put yourself in that prevents your own growth.At the moment, there has been no word from either man about a possible return, and with their social media accounts seemingly not being used, it's uncertain when we'll receive an update.TSM have also refrained from explaining their absences, or providing a likely date for their reappearance. Given his frequent health and lung issues, and the health issues of his girlfriend, we can only be hopeful that both of them have remained safe during these times.We are approaching four months of inactivity from his accounts.

Given his … Remove; In this conversation. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Instead, it is entirely possible that Daequan, like many people right now, are dealing with the added stress of the pandemic and quarantine.I’m sure Daequan already knows this, but his fans in Fortnite and Call of Duty wish the best for him and hthat he can make a return sometime in the near future. "wHo sAiD dAeQuAn CaNt SnIpE" https://t.co/GAUDv24WHr” Verified account Protected Tweets @ Protected Tweets @ Previous sabbaticals have varied in length, so although three months is a long-time, it's no certainty that their breaks are ending soon.Thankfully, they've proven in the past that when they do make a comeback, their loyal fans will be there like always. Submiting entry. Happy to say I've changed a lot of things in my life for the better and got thru a lot of the things that were affecting me and dragging me down. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. Hamlinz doesn’t seem to be the only member of TSM who’s been struggling to put out consistent content lately. Check below on how to enter, best of luck! Daequan … Then, out of the blue, posted a tweet on May 23 for his birthday, and another on June 12, simply saying 'TriHard' - a Twitch emote.Even fellow streamer Dennis 'Cloak' Lepore doesn't know what's happening with Hamlinz, asking "where the hell are you?" Search query Search Twitter. In this conversation. Ending his stream, the 24-year-old thanked his viewers for their support, telling them he would see them the next stream.After telling his Twitter followers that he was "having a pretty bad Christmas Eve," the streamer continued to tweet sporadically until December 31, but has been silent on the social media platform since.Honestly i’m having a pretty bad Christmas Eve, dealing with some stuff and I’m really sad right now. Far from the first time that the pair have pulled a disappearing act across Twitch, YouTube and social media. Again, however, the pair have gone dark with no warning.The last peep out of Daequan came on March 19, when he posted a couple of tweets about the looming health crisis around the world.Similarly, his last stream on his 3.8 million followers strong Twitch channel was three months ago, and so was his last YouTube video for his 5.2 million subscribers, posted on March 19.This has left fans scratching their heads for a number of reasons: Why has he stopped posting and when will he return?Hamlinz time off is almost identical to his TSM teammate.

However, the grind of daily streaming can often become difficult for content creators to keep up with and a number of the biggest names in the space have talked openly about how important it is to take a break and reset when needed.Published: {{day}}/{{monthNameShort}}/{{year}} {{hourTwoDigit}}:{{minuteTwoDigit}}Updated: {{day}}/{{monthNameShort}}/{{year}} {{hourTwoDigit}}:{{minuteTwoDigit}} He too hadn't tweeted since March 18, when he said he was taking the day off. Streaming soon lol.One of the reasons I say Daequan is a leader is that he has managed to be open about his real life struggles in a way that doesn’t just seek sympathy or come off as complaining.

In this conversation. It feels great but streaming sometime soon is gonna be even greater.

The TSM duo of Hamlinz and Daequan have gone dark across Twitter, Twitch and YouTube, yet again, and no one knows why, or when they'll be back. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. In the meantime, focus on progressing in your life, your happiness, your goals, and everything.