…The prince-bishop of Paderborn Hermann Werner von Wolff-Metternich zur Gracht had the mansion built by Ambrose of Oelde in 1696 on the remains of an older royal castle. beautiful castles to choose from around Trendelburg. The other interesting landmark in Trendelburg is the castle believed to be the inspiration for the story of Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. It is surrounded by green fields and hills in the Hessian town of Trendelburg. Romans probably camped here; the It also survived the Thirty Years War and the Seven Years War, remaining largely unscathed over the course of history. Click on the images to enlarge Rapunzel’s tower. In the castle’s restaurant with Hans-Peter. Just browse our list to find your top castle , and add some history to your next adventure!In the cafe you can also order a "Spezi", but that costs true and written 7 (!) It is situated on the river Diemel, 29 km (18 miles) north of Kassel.. Who does not shy away from … Since being constructed in the Middle Ages, this historic German castle has acted as the legal seat and official residence. Top Hotels in Trendelburg walls today.The original castle was built just before its chartering in 1301, by So watch out !!! A tower 38 metres in height containing four defense bays and a pentagonal ring wall including four small circular towers extend this ensemble. FIND OUT MORE. Burg Trendelburg was amazing. Rapunzel’s Tower. region paid homage to Charlemagne and fell under the influence of the Carolingians. (As of 09/2016). Locked in the castle’s tower without stairs the beautiful princess was held prisoner. Chartered in 1301, the same year as the town that surrounds it, Trendelburg historically has held a strategic position, dominating important trade roads from Frankfurt to … I’ve always enjoyed conjuring up images of witches and beautiful princesses when driving past castles in Germany, whether skirting the Alps, following a historic river, motoring through the Black Forest or along the Fairytale Road.Being the center of uncountable fairytales, home to myths and sagas, castles in Germany are still surrounded by a mysterious aura. The castle is the place where the fairytale of Rapunzel supposedly took place. Locked in the castle’s tower without stairs the beautiful princess was held prisoner. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. Castle Trendelburg has a long history and a heroine with exceptionally long hair.

The town is twinned with Pocklington, England.. Trendelburg is located on the German Timber-Frame Road. Within the living quarters, constructed during the 15th and 17th century, the remains of a late Gothic chapel with a ribbed vault survive to date. Tenant in those times was the family “von Stoghusen”, which resided at the castle for four generations.After the reconstruction, castle Trendelburg was adapted to its present form. Presently, the Trendelburg Registry Office conducts wedding ceremonies therein.In 1901, Colonel Adalbert of Stockhausen, probably a descendant of the “von Stoghusens”, bought the castle.“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…..” if you believe the Bros. Grimm – and we do – beautiful Rapunzel once lived here and let down her hair from her tower.Nowadays, you can have marvellous dreams in Rapunzel’s tower. Check out the local area in Trendelburg as you venture to sights like Teutoburg Forest-Egge Hills Nature Park. Hotel Burg Trendelburg offers elegant rooms and a traditional restaurant within a restored medieval castle. He was the first consumer representative to the Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protections appointed by the Secretary of Transportation from 2012 through 2018.These accomplishments have been achieved by working closely with our members, national media, the travel industry, the Department of Transportation (DOT), Congress and many other agencies.​The mission of Travelers United is to identify and promote ways to improve and enhance travel for consumers across all modes of travel. Castle Trendelburg has a long history and a heroine with exceptionally long hair. Trendelburg is a town in the district of Kassel, in Hesse, Germany with a population of 5,282 on 30 September 2009. Very comfortable bedding. The castle is the place where the fairytale of Rapunzel supposedly took place. Worth driving off the highway!

As the Diemel meanders towards the Weser it forms a sharp curve around a rocky mountain ridge, which in ancient times was called “Trindirberg”, probably derived from the old village Trende in the West, which has completely disappeared by today.In 1305, the Earl Henry the 1st and the bishop of Paderborn each bought half of the castle and the Hesse part of it became tenure of Paderborn. ... Hotel Burg Trendelburg is a top 3.5-star hotel for history seekers booking on Expedia, and it offers free breakfast and free WiFi. Hotel Burg Trendelburg: Actually, a Fairytale Dream in the Rapunzel Castle - See 154 traveler reviews, 287 candid photos, and great deals for Hotel Burg Trendelburg at Tripadvisor. Every room at the Burg Trendelburg includes a modern bathroom, a minibar and Wi-Fi via hot spot.