Jesus. Enjoy. And it did.That it was a pivotal scene, replete with a tension-filled tease worthy of repeated viewings, will only ratchet up some people’s annoyance. September 18th 2002 The tension rose – highlighted by a beautifully choreographed scene where daughter Meadow arrives but has all kinds of trouble parallel-parking out front, which prolongs the scene. Tony is in no mood for conciliation, but neither is Junior, who warns his nephew not to return unless he is armed: "Come heavy," he insists, "or not at all." Carmela is there, slightly agitated, slightly distant.

You’d be hard pressed to say there was anything different about her in that moment than any we’d seen in the previous seasons. Two things. We've got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day. When you could hear the steel door rising in the back, I kept thinking, “Is that Phil? You'll see all the posts for that time period. And so it was funny when he said, of no new car from the family: “That’s good. But this was no “gotcha” moment from Chase, who created and nurtured one of the greatest series in television history, but rather a director’s choice that was something close to perfect. But viewers, wary that something could still happen to Tony – and no doubt moved to the edge of their seats by the dramatic score that preceded Journey – had to bear witness to Tony looking up, vulnerable, every time the door to the diner slammed open.It was maddening. Start by marking “This Thing of Ours: Investigating the Sopranos” as Want to Read: Sunday night was not a cliffhanger waiting for a movie.The perfect element to the final scene – other than scaring the bejesus out of most of the country and prompting calls to local cable companies – is that we don’t know what happens. : “We’re just friends.” Tony: “I know. This theme has been consistent for many episodes.Phil: “Are you talking about reaching out? We’ll dedicate this coming week’s episode just to those comments. Our glimpse into the lives of the Soprano family ended in that instant. Isn’t that what you said one time? I enjoyed this book a lot, much more than I thought I would. He gave a gift to critics who wished that “The Sopranos” would just end, without melodrama or crisply tied-up storylines, but more like a camera shutting off. I put Ma and all that warped sh-t behind me.”More on the old days are better thing: An appreciation of Bob Dylan. So viewers were left with a major unanswered question – does Tony go to jail or get off?But that’s nothing at all like the question every viewer had on their minds as they entered this last hour – will Tony live or die? It’s an SUV. Says A.J.’s girlfriend: “It’s amazing it was written so long ago.”Don’t know about you, but I loved that A.J.’s car caught on fire when he was about to get laid. To create our lis...This book was written after the third season; I don't know if there is an updated edition. The Sopranos - This Thing of Ours. And then again: “The Army’s probably good for my career.” Tony: You don’t have a career!”A.J. The interesting part of that scene, of course, is that when Butchie hangs up, he’s in Chinatown.Janice: “I had therapy. But that didn’t stop fans from thinking up elaborate, often far-fetched endings.Though Tony was fearful of what the Feds had and what a member of his crew – Carlo – could supply them, his attorney said flatly that trials are made to be won. “They had to get it for me. You do what you need to protect your family.Come on, we all thought the same thing, right: When A.J. Published