How to use stonewalled in a sentence.

Examples of stonewall in a sentence The suspect continued to stonewall the investigation, refusing to answer any questions that the detective asked about the crime. From the Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English Tell us about this example sentence: (以拒绝回答问题或阻止他人发表意见等方式)阻碍(议事),(为)(讨论)设置障碍… During the American Civil War, Robert Latham Owen accepted Confederate rifles to defend the railroad, which were delivered by Gen .

Examples of stonewall in a sentence: 1. White, Stonewall Jackson (Philadelphia, 1909). 3. Every one received it very coolly, and seemed to take it Brigadier general Stonewall Cogswell hesitated for a moment, then said, "One other thing. 2. From That was an unlooked for confession to come from Stonewall Cogswell.

His fate the fatalist followed through; In all his great soul found to do Stonewall followed his star. When the war broke out Cockerell joined the confederate army and acted as engineer on the staff of Stonewall Jackson. He leaned upon a low Stonewall's eyes flashed and his cheek darkened, but for a moment he said nothing. The 82nd had already received enough shocks to be called a " The boys had stonewalled a regular gulch, afterwards stocking the crystal clear pool they had made with landlocked salmon obtained from the state hatchery. In the fifth, the " These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. 2. Then, they are apt to That was the last mutiny under Stonewall Jackson. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. From Stonewall definition: If you say that someone stonewalls , you disapprove of them because they delay giving a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content.

On the fierce forced stride to Manassas-plain, Where his sword with thunder was clothed again, Stonewall followed his star. The stonewalling subscale assesses an individual’s refusal to work together with a partner toward conflict resolution.

Due to low resistance, compressor discharge sees very low back pressure. From {{#verifyErrors}} Stonewall or choke point for a centrifugal compressor occurs when the resistance to flow in the compressor discharge line drops significantly below the normal levels. in Portuguese

Life Stonewall Jackson. For close to a decade before stonewall, he was one of a few openly gay … Hart (1810-1877), a bronze statue of Stonewall Jackson, by John Henry Foley (1818-1874), an English sculptor, " presented to the city by English gentlemen " (Hon. : And when he finally appeared, he blustered and brayed, losing none of the stonewalling qualities that had marked his time in politics.

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Dictionary Henderson, Stonewall Jackson (London, 1898), and H. 2. : 4. Your feedback will be reviewed. Parking for stonewall will be available in the following lots: The cost is $15. (Britain, idiomatic) Certain, definite. Did You Know?