An awards ceremony was kindly held for those organisations that entered this year’s Index at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, a Stonewall Health Champion. In the 2020 Index, Imperial ranked 142 out of 503 employers.

One feature of the Diversity Champion programme is feedback on your Index submission.

EMPLOYERS . We split the questions across different sections – employee policy, the employee lifecycle, staff network groups, allies and role models, senior leadership, monitoring, procurement, and customers, service users and clients.We've developed our questions based on years of experience working with employers. Staff from across the organisation also complete an anonymous survey about their experiences of diversity and inclusion at work.Organisations then receive their scores, enabling them to understand what’s going well and where they need to focus their efforts, as well as see how they’ve performed in comparison with their sector and region.
For the 2017 index, Barclays was one of just eight organisations identified as a Star Performer, the highest accolade Stonewall offers. The Stonewall Workplace Equality Index is a ranking list of British employers compiled annually by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality charity and training provider Stonewall. The firm is also ranked second overall in the LGBT charity's list of Top 100 employers. Stonewall Submit is a submission portal for employers, schools and local authorities. She argued that to succeed, Stonewall does not have to convert everyone to its understanding of gender. Submissions for the 2021 Workplace Equality Index was due to open in June 2020.
An information bank and advice service was also formed as part of the project. Submissions for the 2021 Workplace Equality Index was due to open in June 2020. Stonewall's Diversity Champions programme for major employers has risen from 100 members to over 650. Away from the courts and Parliament, Stonewall launched the Diversity Champions programme in 2001. One of Stonewall’s first and longest campaigns was to lift the ban on lesbians and gay men In 1998, Stonewall was approached by Jeanette Smith, who had been thrown out of the In 2004 the Armed Forces hosted their first LGBTQ Conference at the Military Chaplaincy, at In 2009, the tenth anniversary of the change of law that permitted homosexuality in the armed forces, it was generally accepted that the lifting of the ban had no perceivable impact on the operational effectiveness on a military that still considers itself world class. Stonewall Diversity Champions benefit from in-depth, tailored feedback on their submission. Participating organisations are invited to tell us about their work against a range of criteria. They should directly inform the change being made at your workplace.The Index will give you insight into staff experiences through an anonymous survey. "Stonewall and their contributions to the British armed forcesStonewall and their contributions to the British armed forces The 2022 Workplace Equality Index will open for submissions in summer 2021.

Stonewall has also produced research reports in areas such as homophobic hate crime, lesbian health and homophobia in football.

Stonewall provides all participating local authorities with detailed feedback on their submissions, identifying best practice and areas to improve. Stonewall was also involved in successful parliamentary campaigns to: Stonewall gained Lottery funding for the Citizen 21 programme, a three-year project (2000 to 2003) which tackled LGB discrimination in education and developed materials that became widely used in the education sector. The Index has been devised by educationalists, equality experts and educational psychologists to ensure we’re asking the right questions.

It is advertised as a "definitive list showcasing the best employers for lesbian, gay, bi and trans staff". Top 100 Employers 2020. Stonewall also holds a number of high-profile events, including the Stonewall Equality Dinner, the Stonewall Summer Party and the Brighton Equality Walk. The Stonewall Global Workplace Equality Index. Submissions can be made through our Participating helps you to assess your organisation's achievements and progress on LGBT equality across your global operations - ensuring LGBT inclusion is embedded in every country and region. Taking part in the Workplace Equality Index is an effective way for the University to measure its efforts to tackle discrimination and create an inclusive workplace for our lesbian, gay and bisexual employees.