I still like the movie better, but Gaiman's writing is so extraordinary. Neil Gaiman and I have a love-hate relationship, and I hope that bothers him as much as it bothers me. “She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars.”“A philosopher once asked, "Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?" Apparently his idea of what makes a story "for aA friend gave me this book and I decided to read it before going to see the movie, since I'd heard so many rave reviews of the film. But alas, the time came! Gaiman is able to mix the flowery phrasing of fairytales with more contemporary speech patterns and attitudes to create a fairy tale for adults that is frequently funny. I've read that Gaiman is better with graphic novels, and that seems likely. Just to the east stands a high stone wall, for which the village is named.

The characters, the writing style, the plot, the romance, the magic. I read this after I saw the film because I thought, "hey, I'd love to see that explored more and see what parts they left out because that film was great! I just kept wondering if I would have liked the book better if I had read it first... Quick question: how many Daleks does it take to conquer Neil Gaiman?Quick question: how many Daleks does it take to conquer Neil Gaiman?Everything about this one just worked for me. He obviously has some talent, so I'm hoping this book is just a miss.My high expectations for this book (the first I've read of Gaiman's) were badly disappointed. How will all these events and characters fit in such slim space? Never. My copy of "Stardust" promises so much just by images on the cover - and the volume is so slim, barely reaching 200 pages. The romance and highly imaginative element of it combine to make it a book you won’t want to leave easily. 'Charming in every sense of the word, and deeply satisfying' (Time Out), it will delight fans of Terry Pratchett and J.R.R. I DON'T KNOW. Stardust, Neil Gaiman Stardust is a fantasy novel by British writer Neil Gaiman. NEIL GAIMAN’S novel “Stardust,” the source for the new movie of the same name that opens Friday, is a bit of an anomaly among the works that have made him a legend in the comics world. It is concerned with the adventures of a young man from the village of Wall, which borders the magical land of Faerie.

I loved it. He creates moods that permeate entire novels and, whether you happen to be reading his adult or young adult works, he makes you feel like a child wandering through a wardrobe into a world of possibility, or perhaps slipping through the invisible barrier of platform 9 3/4 and discovering the world is more than you could ever have imagined. There were quite a few twists that I definitely wasn't expecting and that made the story that much more interesting. I hate Tristan Thorn, though I do suppose that everybody has been in his shoes at one point in their life. I liked the book. However, in attempting to write a "fairy tale for adults" Gaimon completely missed the mark. So ha!Inevitably I was reading this against the movie, and I'm here to say that I think the movie and the book are both brilliant. Unlike most book-to-film adaptations, however, I felt that the movie had more character development and more details; and, indeed, more heart and more humor. This has a relatively happy ending. Neil Gaiman.

[ I can’t blame Tristan for his natural puppyish passions, he is only seventeen after all, but I can hate him for it nonetheless; he is completely unbearable at the beginning as his love-sick foolishness knows no bounds. Now, that's a question.” Just to the east stands a high stone wall, for which the village is named. Apparently his idea of what makes a story "for adults" is generous sprinklings of gore, violence, and sex.

The writing was poor, the story cliché and shallow, and the content problematic. We’d love your help.

Not forever-after, for Time, the thief, eventually takes all things into his dusty storehouse, but they were happy, as these things go, for a long while”Matt Wallace, author of Savage Legion, first entered my radar with his seven wonderful ‘Sin …Neil Gaiman crafts a wonderful fairy tale for grown-ups. There are some bittersweet aspects to it and some heartwarming aspects to it...with more of the latter. Edit: not anymore, Bridget Jones gets the honor too), where I prefer the movie to the book. He's not an author, he's a magician, painting magic pictures of rich, exciting worlds that come to life so quickly.

I DON'T KNOW. And I'm really just a sucker for fairytales in general! Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, Stardust will be released in the summer of 2007. Gaiman weaves a breathtaking spell upon … But alas, the time came! My copy of "Stardust" promises so much just by images on the cover - and the volume is so slim, barely reaching 200 pages. Tolkien's The Hobbit, as well as those who loved the feature film starring Robert De Niro, Claire Danes, Rupert Everett and Michelle Pfeiffer among others. Gaiman is simply a master storyteller. By 4AM, October 3rd, I learned that not only it is possible, but also that Neil Gaiman is a talented, gifted writer with gorgeous imagination and invaluable, rare talent for recreating the noblest thing: magic.I will never understand how this book is so highly rated.