The St. George Utah Temple was the first temple where Saints could receive all temple ordinances for the dead.2.

The building is located in the southwestern Utah city of A temple in St. George was announced on November 9, 1871 by After stabilizing the foundation, work began on the structure. The St. George site was the first LDS temple to be completed in the state of Utah. President Young arrived in St. George early in December 1870 to spend the winter.

He also called temple recorders to keep ordinance records, and he encouraged all Church members to keep family records. LDS Church officials built the temple in St. George to have a place in Utah where temple rituals could be completed before the Salt Lake building was complete.

history and the history of the st george temple is of par nicularticular importance because this was the first temple com platedpleted after the saints came west and the first temple where extensive ordinances for the dead were performed in addition to those ordinances which were performed for the living since there is no complete volume containing information about 6, 1877, current policies about submitting names for temple work, see Gardener in the Parlor: Glimpses into Brigham Young’s Winter HomeExplore the Brigham Young Winter Home through the eyes of Samuel Goold, one of President Young’s gardeners.Building a Tabernacle, a Temple, and a People in St. George Many Saints outside southern Utah contributed to the construction of the St. George Utah … Because of the pressing need, the building's groundbreaking cerem… A temple in St. George was announced on November 9, 1871 by Brigham Young and was dedicated in 1877. Here are five additional things you should know about the St. George Utah Temple.While baptisms for the dead had been performed in Nauvoo and at the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, most other ordinances were performed only for the living. In 1871, when construction of the St. George Utah Temple began, the walls of the Salt Lake Temple were only a few feet aboveground. Shortly after the St. George Utah Temple was dedicated, Elder Wilford Woodruff began performing sealings and other ordinances for the dead.

The temple represents the growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the full implementation of temple ordinances and blessings. The four ordinance rooms were later changed into the present three rooms, at the time the endowment ceremony was changed from a live presentation to one presented on film.

Historians In 1938, the lower Assembly Hall was rebuilt with permanent walls dividing it into four ordinance rooms. The walls of the temple were built of the red sandstone common to the area and then plastered for a white finish. Location: 250 East 400 South, St George Mormon pioneers began building this temple in 1871, soon after arriving in the area. Construction workers traveled from Latter-day Saint communities throughout Utah to aid in temple construction. Local church members worked for over five and a half years to complete the temple.

(The famous Salt Lake Temple was started in 1853, but was not completed until 1893). Even though the Salt Lake Templehad been announced and commenced years earlier (1847 and 1853), construction on that temple was not completed until 1893. At the temple’s dedication in 1877, Daniel H. Wells prayed, “Accept, O God, of this tribute of our hearts, and let Thy peace and blessing dwell and abide here in this Holy Temple, which we now, with uplifted hearts and hands, present and consecrate and dedicate entire as a sacred offering unto Thee for Thine acceptance.”Construction of the St. George Utah Temple was a critical step in Latter-day Saint temple design.

The building was completed and dedicated in 1877, making it the first LDS temple to be completed in Utah. The cupola was replaced in 1883 after a lightning strike.As announced by the LDS Church on January 25, 2019, the temple closed on November 4, 2019 for renovations that are anticipated to be completed in 2022.Temple access is available to church members who hold a current Brigham Young oversaw almost every aspect of temple construction.4. Church leaders and many other members traveled to St. George in April 1877 for the dedication of the temple—a special session of the Church’s semiannual general conference that year.1. Acting as temple president, Elder Woodruff called additional sealers and workers to aid him in this effort. Food for those building the temple was donated by people living as far away as Sanpete County, a distance of about 240 miles (386 kilometers).