Basically, the credited role portrayals for Jimmy began in the year 2006. Sola, who is about 13 years older than Jimmy, has made a considerable name of himself in the field of music. Utopia Theatre presents the world premiere of Iyalode of Eti by Debo Oluwatuminu. Fola Evans-Akingbola Has British and Nigerian Ethnicity. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)Fola Evans-Akingbola was born on September 26, 1994 in London, U.K. to Gillian Evans and Sola Akingbola.

Jimmy was born to native Nigerian parents in London, England. But the man has also not revealed his sexual orientation either.However, once on Valentine's day, Jimmy tweeted that he didn't need a girlfriend or a wife and was enjoying his self-time with red wine and drama series. He appeared as Dennis in the show, With the real touch, he put into the character, Jimmy was further offered many other TV shows.Although Jimmy is yet to star in high ranking movies, his role as a producer has also been loved and admired by the audience to the fullest.
Her paternal grandparents immigrated to London from Nigeria when her father was a child.Her father, Nigerian-born Sola Akingbola, is better known as the percussionist of the British jazz-funk band, Jamiroquai.

Fola has both British and Nigerian heritage from her parents. Fola Evans-Akingbola was born on September 26, 1994 in London, U.K. to Gillian Evans and Sola Akingbola. On her uncle Jimmy’s encouragement, she attended the Identity School of Acting and is part of the Identity Agency Group.Though primarily trained in theater, Fola didn’t start acting in professional theater until much later. Includes biography, news, and sound files. Inspired by ... To the dismay of her ambitious mother, Bolanle marries into a polygamous family, where she is the fourth wife of a rich, rotund patriarch, Baba Segi. While filming in Spain, she also reveled in the opportunity to work with Clarke.Though she only appeared in two episodes, she now had more visibility as a She now plays marine biologist Maddie Bishop in the Freeform drama When she’s not busy traveling the world for acting and modeling, Fola Evans-Akingbola is an activist for multiple causes. In 2018, many of this group of people who were now taxpaying British subjects were being wrongly detained, deported, or denied legal rights.The We Are All Windrush movement helps these people in their struggle by raising money for their legal bills. She was a sports scholar at Alleyn’s School, excelling in high jump.Being raised by an artist and an anthropologist, Fola was heavily influenced by her parents’ jobs. No doubt, their reputed names help advance many into idealizing this excellent sibling duo. So, many people suppose Jimmy to be gay.

Sola Akingbola Iyalode of eti. She’s a champion for equal opportunities, women’s empowerment, the environment, and disadvantaged groups.Together with her mother, she started the We Are All Windrush movement to support the “Windrush Generation” amid an immigration scandal in the U.K.The Windrush Generation refers to immigrants from Caribbean countries who were invited to the U.K. to work between 1948 and 1971—many of them arrived on the ship named Empire Windrush in 1948.
No doubt, their reputed names help advance many into idealizing this excellent sibling duo. A young Fola was initially However, she was also drawn to the performing arts she’d been exposed to thanks to her father. and All Rights Reserved Though she did have to learn the fictional Dothraki language. Having his family background back to Nigeria, Jimmy's ethnicity supposedly roots back to Nigeria.Besides, when it comes to his nationality, born and raised in England, Jimmy is believably an Englishman. That reignited Fola’s acting passion and she canceled her admission to college before switching gears to fashion and modeling.While signed with London-based Profile Model Management, Fola balanced modeling with acting. In a short time, she was globetrotting for various acting jobs.She is a fan of the show and up-to-date on everything in Westeros, so the role was right up her alley. Jimmy's Nigerian parents were early divorced after they got to England. Fola has both British and Nigerian heritage from her parents. 2020 Fola and her sister indulged in acting at a youth theater in London “for fun” as kids. She basically belongs to Nigerian-British ethnicity and is the daughter of Sola Akingbola (Father), a lead vocalist of Afro-funk root band named ‘Critical Mass’ and her mother, Dr. Gillian Evans is a lecturer of social anthropology at University of Manchester. Her talent had already been tapped on camera by then, starting with minor appearances in TV shows. The 41-year-old famous actor, Jimmy Akingbola, was born on 7th April 1978. So, Jimmy was raised by a white foster family in east England. The tweet was written, not now, but in 2013.Fans hope that to this date of his tweet, Jimmy's taste of life has changed, and he is into someone, the one made for him.There is no doubt about the fact that Jimmy's fans will always support his cause of the secrecy he has maintained.What-so-ever, as fans, they also expect themselves to be educated about every single fact regarding their ideal.©

When it comes to his personal life and relationships, Jimmy Akingbola has always kept things under wraps.The man is already in his 40s, and there is not even a single detail available about his partner. Official site of this nigerian percussionist.