( ) Her ult is nasty since you're in the air for so long, she can wait for the full second and a half to yank you. 850 (1500) Warrior's Bane.

) ( Ninja Tabi is bad though and shouldnt be here.I would never pick ancile for healer.

Her ult is nasty since you're in the air for so long, she can wait for the full second and a half to yank you. [url] => awilix ) [god_id] => 61 [god_id] => 61 ( [notes] => Just don't, unless you take her by surprise. Browse Tsukuyomi pro builds, top builds and guides.

With your high health from the hammers, you're getting most of your hp back and you wouldn't run out of mana. 20 Physical Power 15% Physical Penetration.

) ( Overall I like the guide but however the build needs a bit of work.Beserker's is fine on Nike, but not Ninja Tabi. ) WARRIOR.
I have a cdr and tanky build for people that want to be that safe. [god] => Array You're going to need a gank to kill them, so have emperor's armor to tower dive and finish them off if they like to hide in their tower/phoenix.This build is full 40% CDR and devastating to all of your victims. Berserker's Shield . Press randomise to generate a new god and build, each build has 3 rerolls which can be used to change an item/god, the same item/god can be rerolled several times. [notes] => Just don't fight her if she has crits. Not sure if you noticed that or not.It procs all 3 times. [god_id] => 19 I still stand by Nike being the best solo laner.Nike is far from the best solo laner. We're just talking regular use in the solo role in Conquest.Dont play a god in ranked or competitive if you're looking at a guide for them because it'll most likely end in a loss and getting reported.If you'll note, most of what I wrote was actually supporting your idea of using Ninja + Berserker's.

( ) It'll be easy to push back the solo and jungler at the same time. Because they're so open in terms of itemization, Warriors tend to get misbuilt -- much like Guardians. (

But your preference is your preference and you can call her whatever you want. Make sure you know where she is half the time and make sure you're facing her way if she hasn't used her 3 yet. Try not to spam laugh vgs as you're getting their blue buff. ) [notes] => Just don't, unless you take her by surprise. I already played a Arena Championship from Line eSports and that was the meta. MELEE. :PSince you use guardian's blessing, all you need to do is poke the opponent after you have your 2 (Plan of Action) while hitting front minions or archer minions in the lane.Depending on whether you're in the lead or not, you'll have to gank mid constantly around the 5-10 minute mark if you want to be a nice solo laner.If you see yourself in this part of the game, it probably means, you are at around 15-25 mins and you've taken all their towers and maybe a phoenix or two.In all, Nike is very fun to play since you can poke the solo laner, fight off the jungler and gank without having to go back so often.SMITEFire is the place to find the perfect build guide to take your game to the next level.
Warrior's Bane Item Details. [extreme] => Array Mulan is a warrior who gets stronger as the game goes on. ) Myst, "best" isn't necessarily the strongest or most well-rounded or whatever...undefined, it's a subjective term, and Ray can use the term if he/she wants.Just explaining, by best I automatically understand "there is nothing better" that's why I mentioned it. Warrior is about building a mix between defence and damage to work as a second frontline. Warrior's Bane Smite for Smite Build & Guides .

Solid item for lane sustain and will be sold lategame. [scoreVal] => 1 With a lot of your stat bases covered in the first four items (power, mana, mobility, survivability), the last two slots leave you plenty of room to itemize heavily against the enemy team while still retaining core Warrior functionality. 1

) The speed boost from Shield of Regrowth helps keep you out of trouble -- or catch up to targets in order to put the hurt on them with a Hydra's Lament proc. We have you covered, Warrior.

If unsure, start with guardian's blessing, T1 shoes, then finish shoes after obtaining enough gold. If you're trying her out for the first time or are in the top 10 Nike's, like me, you'll find these builds and tips quite fun.

Players choose from a selection of gods, join session-based arena combat and use custom powers and team tactics against other players and minions. ( ( JAPANESE. ( [scoreVal] => 4 To put it simply, items are hard -- especially in Season 4. Items. [scoreVal] => 1 ( [url] => awilix If there's no clear problem and you're just looking for a mess of good stats, there are builds for that, too.