You don’t know what went wrong. Maybe he thinks it’s not classy for a man to complain openly about sex.

He doesn’t care if you are hurt, he’ll leave you to cry. He doesn’t want to criticize your technique and he doesn’t want to seem like a pig—you know the kind of insensitive jerk who leers at other women and compares your real body to all his favorite porn stars.He doesn’t want to be THAT guy…and so he’d rather just keep this his dirty little secret. When you’re together, he just stares at his phone. You rarely go out anymore.

All of us are guilty of scrolling Instagram while our partners are speaking, but if you literally can’t remember the last time he made eye contact with you, he’s just bored by you and the conversation. An initial attraction doesn’t always last once you get to know each other. He’s not unappreciative of the bond you two have…just bored.He doesn’t like the feeling, but he doesn’t want to upset you either. Well this situation is not for your relationship it clearly shows that he is bored with you and exhausted with your relationship. If you know that your spouse is bored, you may still salvage your relationship. If you feel so much undervalued then there is no point to stay. He simply doesn’t try to understand you any longer. He doesn’t pay attention anymore These passive-aggressive comments indicate a very unhappy partner and possibly a problem that’s been festering far too long.The best way to address the problem is to talk to him as soon as you notice any of these signs, rather than waiting for a confession from him. If you try to ask him about the change in his attitude, then he simply ignores it or he gets angry on you. Technology is both awesome and terrible. These 15 signs show that he is not interested anymore so, if your boyfriend does any of these things then be careful, end of your relationship might be near.

On the off chance that they have started to act unfriendly towards you, it’s an ideal opportunity to assess. But after some time, everything starts to change. You don’t know what went wrong. Maybe he’s too polite to tell you when there’s a problem, or doesn’t like to complain about certain things.“Certain things” being your sex life! It’s the most amazing phase of one’s life. 1. It’s important to share your life secrets with your partner, but if he doesn’t share or tell you anything about how was his day or what’s going on his mind. See, I was talking to Cassidy and she told me about something calledI’m not going to get technical, but the idea is that we as humans tend to GROSSLYFor instance, they did a study once where they asked a whole bunch of people if theyWhat does this have to do with SEX and you being a FLY on the WALL? And of course, once you identify the problem it’s time to spice things up. it ends with her changing the lives of THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of womenSeriously, this is an amazing video that is way more worth your time than asking your guyP.S. By noticing some very clear signs, you can determine if your sex life is either stuck in a rut or going in that direction. He shouts at you on stupid things. He may never argue with you anymore, even though you could swear he used to enjoy it. We will discuss these themes in a future article.K, this might be a little weird but I have a VERY important question for you today…It’s a question from this amazing woman named Cassidy Lyon and that I knew I HAD toOK, here it is: “If you could be a fly on the wall and hear every guy you’ve ever sleptTough question, huh?
Even men in their 60s, 70s, and 80s are still having sex!So if you’ve noticed that your man is suddenly gaining an interest in avid reading, video games, drugs or alcohol, hanging out with the guys, or other boyish activities, it’s very possible he’s trying to distract himself from a sex life he feels has run its course. When you notice these signs it means your wife or husband is bored. I need ur advice coz am asking myself whether he loves me or he wants to sleep with me and dump meDon’t do it love takes time and commitment doesn’t happen that fast sounds like lust and we have all felt that before let him pursue you and get to know you another way It’s great for keeping us connected, but it’s constantly distracting.
It is natural to be bored in a long relationship like marriage, but that doesn't mean everything is over.

He is trying virtually live out forbidden erotic fantasies through cyberspace because he’s tired of the routine. You start to feel like it’s your fault and you are not capable enough to handle a relationship. But for this article, we’re actually going to review five signs that show a man is getting bored with his sex life. It doesn’t matter to him how you look or what you want.

He doesn’t care how you feel and whether you are in trouble or not.

If there is nothing like this in your relationship the it’s not going to work. You turned out to be not who he thought you were.