Choose the perfect one that can fit your style as well as your shape. It’s very versatile, giving the client lots of different ways to wear it.I would recommend ARROJO products. Ash blonde layers soften the straight cut nape and angled pieces in front of the ears creating a sophisticated style in a short length that looks 100% feminine.Disconnecting a long, razor-cut top section from a significantly shorter undercut is anything but classic.

It was inspired by a bowl cut but produced with a razor to give it softness and more texture.My favorite thing about it is that it’s a really playful haircut. Keep in mind is that it will draw more attention to your facial features. It is recommended to those with a thin face, and a young and dynamic girl. It is an easy, no-fuss style, especially if you have a cool wavy texture! Sticking to the classic cut, you may at the same time go for a trendy hair color, such as this gorgeous silver blonde.Normally, there is no such thing as any style being age specific, but a disconnected haircut could be too extreme for the working professional. In the upper part is a modern bowl with long and short hair. This is a hairstyle that lets you play with your own texture. © Hairs 2018. They are upgraded with choppy, spiky layers and undercuts. After the hair is dry, add some Kenra Dry Texture Spray to enhance the texture even more.I recommend this look for the stylish woman on the go.

The latter option is brilliant for making your mane appear thicker and flirtier, too!It takes some skills to cut fine hair so that it doesn’t look limp. You can wear this slicked to the side for a more formal look, or textured and messy for an everyday style. These small changes make this pixie linger near the borderline of turning into a Dorothy Hamill wedge; a testament to why it will always be a classic cut.When in doubt, go with the highlights-and-layers pairing; it works for short haircuts just as well as with longer ones. Length, layers and color come together to build up a short yet voluminous ‘do you’ll love to wear with jeans or dresses.Modern choppy pixie cuts are all about blends… Blends of lengths, textures and hues result in swoon-worthy hairstyles you can’t pass unnoticed in the street. This spiky cut works well with a little more length. Simply flawless.Buttery blonde hair is all well and good, but the latest color trend involves a more ashy finish. Try the Messy Bob Hailey Bieber, Charlize Theron, and Cara Delevingne rocked bobs many times and the cut has never let them down. If you are interested to have a pixie haircut there are several ideas regarding this. However, thanks to the smart original cut, which followed the hair’s natural lines, its new length only enriches the look, instead of detracting from it.Asymmetrical short hairdos are interesting and quite simple to pull off. To keep in mind to styled and cut appropriates the great pixie haircut and has a happy feeling for a long time. Add a trendy blonde shade and dark roots and you get this charming undercut pixie you can hardly resist, and why should you?Soft in texture, soft in color, this beautiful style seems to be designed in heaven and it’s meant for delicate fine strands. It is recommended to those with a thin face, and a young and dynamic girl. If you would like to still have some length, there are ideas for you.

May your accessories match the coolness of your hair!There’s no better way to achieve a natural sun-kissed look with hair coloring than balayage—and that’s a fact. It can be, but this photo demonstrates that it also works miraculously well and low-maintenance on naturally curly hair. Applying a color mousse or toning shampoo is much simpler and less demanding on short hair than it is on longer tresses. There are matte or shine-finish products with different degrees of holding power.