Phil was always pulling old moldy things from his diaper too.We certainly wouldn't eat anything from a diaper. Just how much hairspray would that require in real life? This tells why Chuckie’s dad, Chaz, is also so nervous all of the time. Dad -- Almost certainly along the lines of "if Paul Germain isn't the main creative influence, then it's not the real Rugrats. Though we know she's a cartoon, we can't help but wonder how she got three perfect points out of her hair. We'll never know, but it doesn't make the parents look good.Angelica's dad, Drew Pickles, obviously loves his daughter. Chuckie is obsessed with Boppo until, of course, Angelica makes him realize Boppo's just a creepy, old clown; then Bops becomes instantly terrifying. It could get old at times, even annoying, that Chuckie was always so negative. Sorry for wrecking everyone's childhood. The other side of it is the fact that no one ever talked to Chuckie about it.The kid had a fear of the toilet at one point! Why didn't his dad ever notice these things? She always thought she knew more than they did, though she usually got it wrong. We didn't see Phil and Lil's parents or Chuckie's dad that often either. Chuckie's shoes somewhat match his shirt, but the green shorts seem uncalled for, along with the purple-colored glasses.Of course, Chuckie's mom sadly passed away, so she was no longer around as fashion coordinator, and Chuckie's dad tried his best.

And let's just say deflating … In turn though, it makes it harder for him to discipline her, so being the doting dad he has its ups and downs.There are a few things about the opening sequence that are now out-of-date. Why did the parents trust him to watch the kids when Grandpa was a notorious sleeper? After Tommy died at birth, Stu Pickles went pretty nuts, and spent all of his time making toys in the basement as a way to deal with his grief.Well, it seems like Angelica has a pretty dark history herself. Perhaps she had it pointing up the way she did to avoid her two young sons tugging on it. She puts up with Angelica's imaginary friends because she understand that Angelica has a hard life, and her imaginary friends are her coping mechanism.

Angelia learns about Kimi because Kira is always talking about her and missing her.Tommy is a stillborn. It's hard to know who exactly came up with this I've broken down the major parts of the theory below, but feel free to do your own exploring for additional twists and turns from our favorite Rugrats theorists out there!We all remember that Chuckie's dad is a bit neurotic, and that his mom died in a car accident.

RELATED: Rugrats: 10 Sassy Angelica Quotes That Prove She Is All Of Us He marries her and brings her back to America, but Kira loses custody of her daughter, Kimi, when it's discovered that she's a sex worker and drug addict. The theory tells that Angelica is the only real one and all of the other babies are just figments of her tormented mind. She loves writing and all things pop culture. However, given Charlotte is always working, Drew tries to make up for his wife's absence by spoiling Angelica. Angelica was spoiled and manipulative, and used the babies to do her bidding most of the time.

The theory says that Chuckie and his mum both died a long time ago, presumably by birthing troubles. The Office: The 5 Best Talking Heads (& The 5 Worst) Chuckie's anxiety is overwhelming and certainly needed to be addressed in a more significant way, so the show's failure to do so hasn't aged well.Angelica was pretty awful to the babies.

The episode itself is ludicrous as Stu acts like a baby in actuality versus some kind of alternative storyline or a possible dream the babies could be having.It's fun for the babies, but when you look at it as an adult, it's downright freaky.