Click here to find out how to gift us financial support.Copyright Bristol Refugee Rights - Registered Company no: 5669208 | Registered Charity no: 1126646 | Site by I’ve … Of the whole spectrum of charitable causes we could support, helping refugees probably isn’t the most fashionable or the most glamorous choice, but it’s one that we’re sure our small contributions will have the greatest impact on people’s lives and has the most relevance to us as a business.Bristol Refugee Rights are a small charity that give practical support to refugees and asylum seekers once they’re in our city with all sorts of things like language classes, getting people involved in volunteering and being active in the community, help finding medical care and all the other practicalities which are so hard when you’re isolated and alone in an unfamiliar country.We’re not campaigners or activists, and we don't get involved with the politics and complexities of the asylum process, but we view the subject with a simple perspective:The first reason to help is simple good manners - if someone has arrived in this country (often after a very traumatic and dangerous journey) the least we can do is treat them with some humanity and respect. Refugee Action is a registered charity. If you’re a journalist or work for the media: Please call our media team on 020 7952 1530 or 07771 748 159 or email Refugee Action in Bristol has, since this time, been supporting asylum-seekers and new refugees in Bristol through the legal process of claiming asylum, which can be lengthy. Borderlands in Bristol works especially with people seeking asylum in the UK and refugees from other countries; we support people who have been trafficked and trapped in domestic service or the sex industry. The Help Refugees and Care 4 Calais warehouses support them and are in need of small & medium men’s warm clothing and some items of personal toiletries. The Women Together Project @LRMN is a unique project for refugee and asylum-seeking women survivors of gender-based violence, funded by the Big Lottery and Henry Smith. It's been an eye-opening and hugely rewarding experience for all of us here - we've really enjoyed meeting refugees and asylum seekers from around the world, hearing their stories and learning a little bit about people and places that most of us would only ever read about in the media.Particularly relevant for us as a business has been the chance to learn from our guests and enjoy the amazing cooking from back home they've been generous enough to share with us (which without exception has always been extraordinarily delicious, demonstrating completely new ways to cook with our ingredients, and in every case has prepared with love and great care) - something we've all been very touched by and greatly appreciate. They have set up an appeal for donations to help support their work.CSAN is the social action arm of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.An appeal directly to support refugee children across Europe and in the countries they are fleeing from to provide aid and support.MOAS is a registered Foundation based in Malta. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions Refugee Action gets asked about refugees and people seeking asylum. Promote and protect the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees.Your regular, small donations will help us offer vital services to those who need it. 2,225 talking about this. Like having a house guest coming to stay, treating new arrivals with some warmth and generosity shouldn’t be too hard for us.Of course not everyone can or even should be accommodated permanently and in cases where people have to be sent back the process should be done with as much dignity and respect as possible. I remember myself calculating our shopping’s cost, so we don’t have to feel embarrassed at the tills. We cannot store coats till winter or shorts till summer. We are sending a wider range of items on to refugees in (or near) Syria, and in Greece and Serbia, where they … At Bristol Refugee Rights we strive to be led by our members. Refugee Week is the UK’s largest festival celebrating the contribution of refugees and promoting understanding of why people seek sanctuary. The food that we all eat today often has direct influences from refugees that may go back centuries (even fish and chips is believed to have originated from Jewish refugees in the 16th Century! ACH is a social enterprise that provides integration services for refugees in Bristol and other areas in UK.

Click here to find out how to gift us financial support.£7 helps a destitute asylum seeker with food and toiletries for a week. Refugee Action has been working to support them throughout the crisis and beyond.Want the real facts about refugees? Refugees and people seeking asylum are some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. Unable to provide for themselves and their families, they’re often left to live in poverty. Numerous studies have shown beyond any doubt that people arriving in this country from overseas have had a hugely positive economic impact as they start businesses, raise families and most importantly from our point of view, share their food with all of us and contribute to the enhancements to our national cuisine!Over the years it’s been relatively easy for us to source ingredients due to the presence of large groups of refugees who’ve started businesses here - we have suppliers of Indian and Pakistani spices who originally arrived in the UK as refugees from Idi Amin’s regime in Uganda, our Sri Lankan cinnamon comes from a supplier who fled the civil war there, Hungarian paprika from a company whose owner left in the 1950’s when the Soviets invaded and there are many, many more stories like this.Some of our staff are children of refugees and as an employer, having highly motivated and determined young employees from a diverse background and with different perspectives on our product is a huge advantage.Perhaps most importantly though is the influence that the presence of refugees has had on our national cuisine that we’ve all experienced growing up here. Here we bring together different ways people can give their support.