With a relatively small vaporization chamber and an improved airflow design, this RDA reached a higher level in flavor production. Besides adding to the aesthetics, the innovative Recurve design makes the All coil sizes, including large coils, fit in this curved deck. And because it’s a single coil with excellent airflow, the hit it delivers is exceptional – even at lower outputs like 45W.All of which makes it a MUST-HAVE for any serious RDA users out there.It keeps all the awesome design language of its bigger brother, as well as that innovative airflow system, just in a more demure chassis.The Vapefly Pixie is a tiny little atomizer that delivers plenty of flavor and performance. Recurve bow design gives this single-coil rebuildable dripping atomizer an awesome aesthetic.

The box contains a pre-installed 810 drip resin tip and a spare frosted drip trip.This RDA comes with built-in nichrome coils. Recurve Dual RDA: Build for Flavorful Cloud Buildup. If you’re rocking a squonk mod, or a single cell mod, a single coil RDA is a MUST.Why? Six airflow slots contribute to better flavor production. It is also his first collaboration with Wotofo. And the reason for this is that it has a very small juice well.When used as a squonk RDA, however, it really comes into its own with HUGE flavor, helped enormously by its squat deck, and great, buttery-smooth airflow. The bow shape wall with a curvy drip tip creates a proper airflow path and an irresistibly smooth draw. It’s one of those tanks that does it all – and looks completely badass in the process.It’s unique looking, super-simple to live and work with, and it kicks out some of the best flavor of any RDA I have ever owned.Everything is geared towards usability and performance. The Wotofo Recurve is a 24 mm single-coil RDA. Also, running it at lower wattages ensures you don’t run into overheating issues which are common on smaller, squat RDAs.This RDA might be old, but it is still one of my all-time favorite BF RDAs. The Elder Dragon RDA is a tour de force of flavor, design, and usability.

The Rebirth – no, I can’t see myself using it often enough to keep it, so I will pass it on to someone who will appreciate it more than I do. This results in a dense cloud and optimum flavor.

Four terminals are located at the deck of this single coil rda to allow coil mounting for both forward and reverse wrapped coils. Pulse 24 RDA. This RDA might be old, but it is still one of my all-time favorite BF RDAs. Its curved deck shape maximizes the flavor.

I just love the smooth airflow and how precise the flavor is – it’s just so well designed and it squonks brilliantly.I am a huge fan of the PROFILE and the Pulse, too… it’s just that for me, the Recurve RDA is what I keep coming back to.I’m a big Wotofo fan, especially its RDAs, and the Recurve RDA is easily one of the best the company has ever made.I literally cannot name one thing that is wrong with this RDA – and that NEVER happens.If you’re after something super-cheap, just to dip your toe in the world of single coil attys, the Wasp Nano by OUMIER is definitely worth a look.It is absolutely TINY, easily one of the smallest RDAs I have ever used.But don’t let this put you off; the Wasp Nano can chuck flavor with the best of them.The deck is simple to use, takes about three minutes to build and wick, and the airflow and flavor are bangin’.The Wasp Nano RDA is also fully ready for squonking too. The company has, for the last couple of years, consistently pumped out truly awesome single coil RDAs. This is available in six different...Wotofo and Mike Vapes worked together to design the Recurve RDA. The regular 510 gold plated squonk pin helps it to place on any device.Recurve RDA by Wotofo comes with several accessories like coils, vape cotton, standard 510 pin, O-rings, etc.The Wotofo Recurve RDA strikes a perfect balance between chamber size and airflow distribution.

Its downward slanted slots help the coil get maximum air. And the Elder Dragon RDA is no exception.The Elder Dragon RDA is a small, perfectly designed, single-coil RDA.

The Wotofo Recurve RDA results from the collaboration between Wotofo and YouTuber Mike Vapes classy imagination.

This 810 fitted cap comes in 6 colors - Gold, Black, Gunmetal, Blue, Stainless steel, and Rainbow. Superior 316 Stainless Steel Construction adds strength and durability.The hourglass shape gives the atomizer a distinct look. The Recurve – yes, in my little world of single-coil BF RDAs, it’s nice to have something dual-coil to drip on. All is done with ease. And despite its diminutive size, the Elder Dragon RDA kicks out truly epic flavor. The flavor output is no doubt an impressive and noticeable quality of Recurve RDA. This 24mm RDA is designed for maximum flavor, and features a bow-shaped, postless build deck.

But for me, it’s all about how good this atomizer looks. WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.

The Recurve’s side airflow design is a departure from Mike’s earlier RDAs which all featured bottom airflow.

In fact, it is actually a much better squonk RDA than standalone dripper. Superior Stainless-steel construction makes the RDA strong and durable.

This BF RDA is ideal for anyone that likes a low-profile look to their setup.If you’re a flavor-chaser you are in good hands too.