Even if the front is slightly longer, the edges should be trimmed into neat lines. For example, the one shown here has a clean line up, high fade, curved hard part, and sculpted two-layer afro. Simple Shape up haircut.

You can take your haircut to a completely new level with an intricate Would you rather have your afro reserved for a certain area? This is a more complicated shape up haircut since it involves a smooth transition from the hairstyle to the sideburns. To get the effect, leave the hair around your temples a little bit longer than with a regular shape up. If you don’t want to show that much skin, you can also see how a Another type of fade you can try with a shape up is the burst fade. In addition, slanted line ups complement men with beards.Alternatively, you can mix multiple approaches for the silhouette of your shape up. Shape up with sideburns. For starters, you can go all out with a line up bald fade. Dec 9, 2016 - The shape up haircut goes by many names, including the “line up” or “edge up”. If you are getting a shape up for the first time, make sure you carefully explain your request to the stylist. First of all, you can opt for a curved hairline that follows the crown of your head. Shape Up Haircut GIF by Identity. For instance, if you want a shorter afro only on the crown of your head, you can separate it from the rest of your hairstyle with a shape up. Although very much recognizable, a curved hairline will lower the dramatic effect of a shape up haircut.On the other end of the spectrum, we have the shape up with a straight, blunt hairline. In order to get a good idea about how the shape up or line up is created, we recommend getting it done professionally at least a couple of times.Once you are sure you can do it on your own, you are ready to start. Popularized by rapper Nas in the 90s, the crescent moon part can be placed anywhere along the hairline. black hair shape up shapeup taper barber haircut barbershop black men black man black boy blackbirdsblackboyjoy black boy joy. He is passionate about his career and considers it a way of life, rather than a job. The hair is cut pretty short, which makes the shaping quite easy. The alternative is ideal for guys who really want to get a boxy shape for their line up. By curving the tip of the line towards the interior, the overall width of the forehead will seem to be reduced. 2. Even though it’s on the showy side, it makes the haircut look even cleaner. The classic choice is a 90-degree angle, with the shape up in the form of a rectangle. The accessory can help you obtain tight, defined, picture-perfect coils in general. If there is any stray hair beyond the shaped-up hairline, the barber will shave it off.If you would like to make a shape up haircut on your own, you’ll need T-shaped clippers, razor, and mirrors. Although some men try to experiment with edge up clippers to line up the hair around their temples and sideburns, given the … Make sure he or she understands what kind of lines you need. To keep matters simple in between touch up appointments, ask your barber to follow the shape of your natural hairline as much as they can. In between, we’ll also show you all the different types of shape ups haircuts you can try out for a fresh appearance.In essence, a shape up haircut consists in lining up the hairline, including the temples and sideburns. We are listing 75 different shape ups for you to check out and make your choice easier. Here's a step by step tutorial on how I cut my own hair and shape up my beard (skip to 5:52). 1.

If you are not sure what type of shape up will look best with your hairline, take a look at some options we have chosen for you. The most important tool will be a mirror, which will help you do the shaving/clipping on the back of your head. Unleash your creativity and dare to try an asymmetrical shape up haircut. After that, it continued to develop alongside hip hop culture throughout the following decades. Faux Hawk Fade Styles for Cool Guys . The shape up is a traditionally black hairstyle that rose to popularity in the 1980s. If the shape up leans forward, it can create the illusion of a smaller forehead or lower hairline. The hairline is carefully outlined to make natural-looking angles. Furthermore, it works best when paired with an extra curved line down the sideburns.Aside from line up angles, there are also two main approaches for shaping the upper hairline. If you plan to sculpt your afro into a frohawk, you can use a shape up haircut for highlighting the shaved sides. For this reason, the shape up is also referred to as an edge up or line up haircut. When you top everything off with a shape up, you have one great-looking haircut indeed.Before we briefly explain how to do a shape up haircut, we have a strong recommendation. A shape up can be incorporated into numerous other haircuts, as a key element.