WELCOME HOME to Fairview Baptist, Edmond SUNDAYS Donuts & …NEW? Hypertension, obesity and diabetes were common.It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. The fact is they can’t!! No children’s church or nursery this week. The joy of childbirth trumps the pain of a pandemic. Use common sense for you, your age and your vulnerability. Now, Dr. Fauci has tanked the market again - forecasting a second spike when we never had the first one. You don’t want CV-19, nor do you want ANY strain of flu virus. Quit living in fear! Quarantining the most vulnerable among us was wise. On Moore’s graduation night, we want to give family members the chance to share with you about their children who were lost. These are just the facts as officially reported as of on 5/1. !Beautiful evening tonight. What’s it like to fight COVID-19 in Oklahoma?

Imagine 100% unemployment. VISIT US! In a country of 330 million, 7800 people die every day! Shockingly, his big action was to tell those struggling with mental and emotional health issues to go to the state parks with a mask on rather than opening the churches and suggesting they seek help there. My friend Curtis Bowers produced two WONDERFUL movies. WELCOME HOME to Fairview Baptist, Edmond SUNDAYS Donuts & …NEW? Now, I hear we can’t reopen until they have a vaccine! The community continues to mourn after three track students were killed and other teammates were injured. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Kera Philipi provided an update on three troopers injured in a Thursday morning crash.
People don’t want government checks, we want our jobs! It’s time to accept Dr. Fauci’s resignation and get back to LIVING and ENJOYING life!Communism is based on Atheistic absolute government control. VISIT US! While every life is valuable, the reality is that 7,800 people die every day in America ANYWAY! We clearly made a mistake. If you feel as I do, call the Governors office and all of your elected officials and tell them to Reopen Texas Now.Mr. With the corrected numbers, the death rate in Colorado from CV-19 is .00015! Wash your hands, take your vitamins and LIVE YOUR LIFE! And he allowed retail businesses to open up for curbside shopping... he didn’t say where the change rooms were, presumably in your car or on the sidewalk. Even if successful, best estimates are 18-24 months.

Graduation should to be an exciting milestone. Pastor Fisher may be wearing a Apparently, the virus cannot penetrate the walls of liquor stores, abortion clinics, Wal Mart or Home Depot. Go back to work America! That means, .0000575 of the population has died with Covid-19 as a complicating factor. The death rate for South Dakota (which never closed, quarantined or did social distancing) is 3/1000 of 1 percent. VID-19 Crisis” today for Texas churches.

Tiger Tales 3: How Is Everyone Else Doing After 'Tiger King?'

VISIT US! Messages: 4,962 Likes Received: 7,166 Location: Duncanville. Pastor Dan will continue on a series I began two weeks ago. It's not long. Currently, more people die annually from alcohol abuse than have died from Covid-19. It’s past time to re-open our businesses and get back to normal. WE WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU! Kevin Stitt issued a statement after three troopers were critically injured in a crash Thursday. On Moore’s graduation night, we want to give family members the chance to share with you about their children who were lost. Reopen with confidence. Supposedly, I am higher risk as a 57 year old cancer survivor. That was the reason for the lockup, masking and social distancing. Now, over 22,000,000 people have lost their jobs in one month... and there is more economic fallout to follow... much more. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

Cornhole is not a real sport! Paul is related to Deborah Lynne Riggs and Bernice H Blair as well as 5 additional people. LIVESTREAMSUNDAY 10:30am GET THE APP! I gave the keynote graduation address for a local Christian School. Currently, there have been 85,000 deaths in a country of 330,000,000 people. !Colorado corrected its record keeping from people who died WITH CV-19 to people who died FROM CV-19. That means .00026 percent of the population has died. They are trying to convince us of the necessity of a "NEW NORMAL" which includes permanent masks, permanent temperature checks, etc. I am preparing to give the commencement speech tonight (IN PERSON) at a local Christian school. Anyone in government still trumpeting fear is playing politics.If you don’t have a church home, we invite you to join us at Our first Sunday, we had about 20% of our normal crowd attend. Keep up-to-date with everything that happens in your world.We promise to never spam you. And at least you would have some data.” But now CDC and WHO doctors are criticizing President Trump for taking this drug. Severe storms Wednesday night left their mark on a Tulsa neighborhood near Apache and Harvard. But it won’t be the same in Moore this year. Last Friday, he called out Gov. With that in mind, come join us in person Dress how you like. What!? Need to Know: Back-To-School Plans For Oklahoma Schools Gov. Graduation should to be an exciting milestone. Tiger Tales 3: How Is Everyone Else Doing After 'Tiger King?' Former Oklahoma State University and National Football League player, Paul Blair has announced that he has throat cancer. However, churches are danger zones! I wear no mask and won’t. Tulsa Police arrested a man after they said he broke into a motel room and barricaded himself inside.