0000095489 00000 n 0000013689 00000 n :)Oh, so you're saying that you have no need for the substantially greater capabilities that this device offers, and so you're judging it based on a tiny fraction of its potential usefulness?I really don't give a blip about any of it's "greater capabilities " if it uses such a puny sensor, smaller then the one found in my smartphone!This isn't bad and sure as applications where this is awesome. 0000095564 00000 n 0000127797 00000 n 0000137409 00000 n Jul 15, 2020 0000136561 00000 n 0000039607 00000 n 0000138279 00000 n 0000145894 00000 n 0000141003 00000 n 0000142727 00000 n Not so great for movies and TV dramas though. 0000132115 00000 n People were more interested in WidescreeN SD, than in the more expensive HD. (�����F������5�i/��PĮo�߶I�X'����#x&[� ��V��;S�N�@ ���U�X�x;�Z�jݙ� q���]*]C"v���y]��?u}k9fJ���,d��(�Z�=�NL�`KQ�U��E>��RѢ)ס�o�k��1�7�nח��UI+=�MS๺˻�텗l}]y��@�L�m��yے�.�jH��^%�"�2�Cg����Bg��;��%��X{�3� ړSV���2�F�������65��?��f���I����2�f�ms������n�� Hi.

The new models have a variety of professional functions, such as Two Manual Rings, an ND Filter, a Built-in LED Video LightThe HC-X1500, HC-X2000 and AC-CX10 all support 4:2:2 10bit Internal RecordingIn addition, the AG-CX10 supports the broadcaster-targeted P2 MXF File Format.
I think his opinion is a little more credible than yours ;-)I wonder if Sony will figure out how to put an internet capable computer + fast multi channel WiFi into the RX10 V?But I hear cries of "I want to zoom to the 35mm equivalent of 600mm". 0000145252 00000 n These capable cameras costing less than $2000 should be solid and well-built, have both speed and focus for capturing fast action and offer professional-level image quality.

0000136264 00000 n More at the low to no budget side :).The Olympus OM-D E-M10 IV is the company's entry-level DSLR-shaped mirrorless camera. 0000138126 00000 n 0000143995 00000 n 0000032160 00000 n 0000014081 00000 n Model No. 0000139246 00000 n 0000026228 00000 n This affordable third-party option changes that. 0000014161 00000 n 0000145137 00000 n We've started digging into the a7S III's video capabilities. 0000032638 00000 n 0000136823 00000 n

This is perfect to do local things—city council meetings, local high-school sports (one roving camera, on the sidelines), social events, whatever your community is interested in watching. I'll settle for 8-bit streams as long as they're clean and I-frame. They're built around small 1/2.5" sensors, but that's part of what allows them to fit a lot of capability into a small form factor.All three cameras are well-specced and include features like 4K/60p video, 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording (up to 4K/30p), 5-axis OIS (optical image stabilization), built-in ND filters, dual SD card slots that support relay recording for uninterrupted capture of long video clips and a 25-600mm equivalent Leica zoom lens.The CX10 model also includes support for a broadcast workflow with features like NDI protocol support to control the camera from a Tricaster and the P2 MXF file format.Live video streaming is becoming more common, so we're curious what you think. @Pov2, lotsa people were watching NFL playoff games this weekend, and they were watching in 1080 HD. 0000141368 00000 n 0000095178 00000 n 0000053557 00000 n

Worth a comparison? 0000139996 00000 n 0000094375 00000 n Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, they can connect directly to YouTube, Facebook, or any other service that supports live streaming using RTMP. 0000094229 00000 n Is this a feature you'd like to see added to mirrorless, DSLR or compact cameras? 0000137210 00000 n Why focus on just photography when most cameras do both stills and video? %PDF-1.6 %���� 0000145520 00000 n As for file formats, in addition to MOV, MP4, and AVCHD, the AG-CX10 also supports the ideal P2 MXF for the editing system for broadcast stations, and recording by the AVC-Intra/AVC-LongG codecs is supported.FHD mode enables slow-motion recording at 120 fps (for 59.94 Hz)/100 fps (for 50 Hz). 0000147081 00000 n
0000140500 00000 n He has won 41 ACS Awards, including four prestigious Golden Tripods. It's so naive to ask general public if they want a technology that's not available yet. 0000094825 00000 n System reduces friction on the drive section, achieving delicate correction even for small-amplitude handshake. 0000094156 00000 n 0000140417 00000 n Panasonic DMP-BDT130 Blu-Ray player. 0000144120 00000 n 0000025563 00000 n We take a look beyond the specs to see what it offers to filmmakers.The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III is our favorite Micro Four Thirds camera for stills shooters to date. 0000134250 00000 n 0000140909 00000 n 0000019603 00000 n 0000135857 00000 n $1700 & $2200ish for the HC-X1500 and HC-x2000 respectively. The switchboards were not swamped with viewers calling in demanding 4K.Unlike you, I've worked in the entertainment business. 0000025038 00000 n 0000033093 00000 n xref 0000132853 00000 n Lots of my interests could be turned into a YouTube channel.They'll be $2000-2500 (depending on the conversion from GBP), so they're still targeted nominally at professionals. 0000144263 00000 n 0000032433 00000 n Cool, it should be a standard for video camera. Two Manual Rings are provided, one for focusing and the other for zoom or iris operation. Now it is just 2.4GHz. Not limited by their compact and lightweight designs, the HC-X1500, HC-X2000 and AC-CX10 offer a high standard of on-site mobility and portability, as well as the high-quality 4K 60p recording capability demanded by professionals. 0000143398 00000 n