Padden, a former state and federal prosecutor and candidate for attorney general, is facing assistant DA Matt Maillaro in a primary for the seat held by term-limited Republican George Brauchler in the 18th Judicial District, which covers Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties. He said he personally prosecuted an officer for sexual assault.“I say this not because it’s a pleasure — it’s not something you want to do as a district attorney or as a prosecutor — but it’s to say that I don’t shrink from holding police or anybody else accountable in this jurisdiction,” he said.Buckley also asked how each candidate would approach prosecution of noncitizens to minimize consequences to their legal status. Frankly, I don’t know what most of their politics are, because that’s not what we ask about when we do this work for the community,” Maillaro said. If you prefer a phone call, please include your number. But Maillaro said the position requires more trial experience than Padden has.Maillaro also took issue with Padden’s characterization of Brauchler’s tenure when she said he has made a “mess” in the district. Padden is a deputy district attorney in the 5th Judicial District, which covers Clear Creek, Summit, Eagle and Lake Counties along the … Democrats Amy Padden and Matt Maillaro are both vying to become the Democratic nominee for district attorney in the 18th judicial district, which covers Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties. And I’ve been building relationships in the community not just through my paid job, but through volunteer work and from other avenues.”Padden and Maillaro mostly stayed away from directly criticizing each other.
The head of north Aurora’s 17th Judicial District, which covers all crime north of East Colfax Avenue, is also term-limited this fall. The eventual winner of the Democratic primary later this month will face off against Republican John Kellner in November. “She has received the backing of Democrats and progressives across Colorado, as well as national criminal justice reformers.”Padden, who most recently worked as a deputy district attorney in the 5th judicial district under Democratic DA Bruce Brown, has also touted endorsements from U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, the majority of the Aurora Public Schools board of education, and a bevy of current and former state lawmakers.
Prompted by questions about how they would reform prosecution to address treatment of marginalized groups, both candidates spoke several times about the court system’s unequally harsh treatment of people of color.“If we have more prosecutors of color, prosecutors that look like the community, we can address that in some way. Focus on Denver. Maillaro is currently an assistant district attorney in the 18th Judicial District, and Kellner is a chief deputy district attorney in the same office. Maillaro and Padden remain relatively even in terms of campaign contributions, with the former reporting nearly $74,000 in monetary donations and the latter listing about $71,500 in contributions as of June 1, according to campaign finance reports. And while Padden said she has enough trial experience to oversee attorneys in the office, she said the district would benefit from someone in the top spot who hasn’t spent their whole career as a …

She previously worked as a former assistant attorney general, an executive assistant U.S. attorney and ran in the Democratic primary for state attorney general in 2018.Maillaro, who currently works as an assistant DA in the 18th, has nabbed endorsements from Aurora state Sen. Rhonda Fields, former Democratic Gov.