My father, also a Russian-speaking Jewish migrant, was close to Harry, especially in the early 1960s when my uncle and Harry were partners in a taxi licence. "Having heard the story I think it explains a lot," he says.

Having already known the story's bare bones, I unearthed the dossier in 2011 and sent it to Triguboff in an attempt to get him to talk.

Moshe started exporting leather and pig bristles used to make brushes to the US department store Macy's.Triguboff says the treatment of his father was “100 per cent an injustice”. The 84-year-old drank two neat scotches while we talked.

He emigrated to Australia at age 28.

In 1959 the pair left Israel and after a brief stint in South Africa returned to Sydney. "The family is now broken up which may mean the separation of the two sons from their parents for life as the former cannot return to China.

"In four decades in the public eye Harry has barely spoken two sentences about this story.

Heyes floated and rejected the idea of deporting them as impractical. 69. Harry Oskar Triguboff AO (born 3 March 1933 in China, Liaoning), is a Chinese-born Australian billionaire real estate developer, and one of Australia's richest people.

It is detailed in a 300-page dossier from the Department of Immigration, held in the National Archives.

The case was transferred to the High Court in Nanjing, then the capital of the Guomindang government.

Fuhrman, sent an urgent cable in code back to Canberra: Harry and Joseph Triguboff had left Tianjin three weeks earlier, were on their way to Australia and must not be allowed to land.

Until now.Harry Triguboff, meeting the AFR Magazine at his home in Sydney's Vaucluse, breaks his silence about the one battle he couldn't win: “I didn’t cry at the time; I cried all those years later. The Triguboffs bought a bigger house with separate rooms for the children and a car, which Harry says could drive only at walking pace because the Chinese still ambled down the narrow streets.As a child, Harry only glimpsed the war occasionally. "Was that an injustice?" Greiner says he only ever knew vague details about Triguboff's time in China and nothing about his father's problems. If not please advise all airlines that they should not be accepted as passengers and that if they come to Australia they may be restricted from landing," the telegram said. With support from a prominent member of the Jewish community, Joseph secured a meeting with Calwell in October and handed him a long memo which appended an English translation of the judgment of the Nanjing Court to prove that his father had been cleared of collaboration. Teacher at Neshama Life. He drove a taxi before being the first to warn the increased demand for apartments in Sydney. "Who else would be interested?" Harry remembers seeing Chinese day labourers lugging sacks of grain up gangplanks on to barges. A thank-you letter from Harry's brother, uncovered by Two Gun's biographer, suggests Two Gun helped Moshe by convincing the authorities to transfer his case from Tianjin to Nanjing where it could get a fairer hearing.But Two Gun fell out with the Triguboffs over money. "For someone who has been so very successful in his life, accomplishing what so many have not been able to do, he was not able to arrange his parents to live with us.

Things came to a crisis in January 1947 when an old ferry called the Hwa Lien docked in Sydney carrying 300 stateless Jews from Shanghai. If nothing else, the epic struggle had taught him the art of working the bureaucracy. View Relationship Details.