Jason and Brett steal a pump from UBRI supplies on ORCA so they can pump out the spaceship. Meanwhile, Neri helps Winston (Alex Pinder) prepare for his diving test.

Cass and Brett trade practical jokes but when they team up to get Cass's sister Morgan, they also catch the Commander in their soapy trap. Brett locates another piece of Synchronium but interrupts Jason's training exercise to tell him the news. Created with Sketch. Mera appears to Neri to again warns her that time is running out. The 23-minute format per episode makes the presentation a bit choppy. Brett talks Jason and Neri into looking for a way into the spacecraft they found buried on Neri's island their search is unsuccessful.

Watch Ocean Girl: Wall of Death from Season 1 at TVGuide.com. Season 2, Episode 13 The Return. Brett tries unsuccessfully to get Kal to come out of the spaceship. Hoping to keep Kal from making any return trips to ORCA, Jason suggests to Neri that she show him around the spaceship which he has been interested in.

Season 3, Episode 7. Jason and Brett are about to force the chamber open when Neri finds the controls that open the chamber and revive its occupant.

Kellar shows Dr. Hellegren the footage she took of Kal on the sandbar, he quickly recognizes who Kal is and wants to capture him. Read more.

Neri awakes on the island to find Kal missing, he's gone to ORCA. Dianne takes the opportunity to ask her to help Winston with his dive test which she agrees to do. Brett talks Jason and Neri into looking for a way into the spacecraft they found buried on Neri's island their search is unsuccessful. When Neri doesn't return to the island on time, Kal takes the opportunity to go back to ORCA. is not being cooperative in the kids' search for more pieces of the Synchronium, turning back all their queries. The effects of the new "Winston Seth" fault line are being felt all around the Pacific Rim as evacuations on ORCA are taking place. H.E.L.E.N. Watch Ocean Girl: The Return from Season 2 at TVGuide.com. Winston calls Dianne and her sons back from their vacation informing them that UBRI has won the contract to construct ORCA City and their plans threaten a nearby fish breading ground.

Neri moves the Synchronium piece to her secret underwater cave to keep it safe. Cass is still having her dreams about her time on Neri's island and now remembers Brett being there.

Inspirational and just plain fun! Neri continues to teach Kal about feelings. Neri helps Winston through his test by getting him to believe in himself. On ORCA, Kal manages to get signed up for Morgan's fitness class (she's very impressed with him) and gets a date with Marika, which Jason is able to speed him through.

Kal is in the lap of luxury at UBRI, his room filled with all sorts of toys and games. A large quake prompts the commander to call for an evacuation of all ORCA personnel under the age of 18. Shortly after, Neri arrives and tells Diane about UBRI's plans to use explosives on the ocean floor in their construction. Ocean Girl. Winston is excited about the arrival of Camilla Sabato (Robyn Gibes) to ORCA, she is a science writer but more importantly, a close friend. Budds The growing frequency of the seismic tremors causes Commander Wellington to call for voluntary evacuations of ORCA personnel. The cadets' exam results are in and after looking at hers, Sallyanne tells Jason he would be better off with another partner. Makes the utterly impossible seem quite real.