A pilgrimage to its Bushwick outpost in Brooklyn was a must for any pizza-lover in its early years, and the waits could be expected to stretch upwards of three hours long. One of our favorites, the Bee Sting, boasts a perfect balance of tomatoes, mozzarella, caciocavallo, sopressata, chili, basil and spicy honey. And who knows, if you're lucky you might just catch Jay-Z and Beyoncé dining there.Paul Giannone, tired of working a 9-5 job in IT, decided to give it all up in pursuit of his one true passion: pizza. The philosophy hasn’t changed,either: Totonno’s still uses only top ingredients—imported Italianolive oil, homemade mozzarella and savory tomato sauce before slinging pies into the 600°F coal-burning oven. Here, the Hylands focus on Detroit-style grandma pies, which are pan-cooked in a convection oven to create a thin, crisp base and crunchy cheese on top. First started in 1947 in Harlem, Louie & Ernie's moved to the Bronx in 1947 and has been there ever since.It has the feel of a true neighborhood slice joint, and everyone that goes there feels like a regular that lives up the block. The sausages are scattered liberally in huge pieces across the pizza, and the thin, crunchy New York-style crust holds up admirably. Best Pizza's white slice has a serious claim to being the best in NYC. Mangieri considers the dough the most important part of a pizza and this care is apparent upon first bite. Only one bite will convince you that this pie is the ideal marriage of crusty and chewy. On Fridays, the Concetta (San Marzano tomatoes, piennolo, corbarino, estratto della casa, parmigiano) is served.

Déjà vu! Hell's Kitchen Staten Island Don't be afraid to load up on toppings, as the thin, crunchy crust is sturdy and holds up great even with a mess of ingredients piled on top.Patsy Grimaldi may have sold Grimaldi's back in 1998, but after a long hiatus, he made his triumphant return with the opening of Juliana's in 2012. You can choose the Margherita, vodka or blank page (mozzarella, housemade ricotta, pecorino and garlic) as a base and add on all types of toppings from anchovies to sweet fennel sausage.The Stracciatella, which is topped with a housemade stracciatella cheese and blanketed in arugula, is one of the most popular pies on the menu. East Williamsburg Named after a character in the film A Staten Island institution since 1937, Denino's has been pioneering pizza innovation for over eight decades.

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The incomparable sauce comes from a secret family recipe passed down to the owner from his grandmother named Giuseppina. Carroll Gardens We can’t imagine a better way to spend a post-beach afternoon than snarfing down one of its saucy, pillowy squares in the sun. This means there is often a wait (and a higher price tag), but that's quality for you.Whether you're craving Neapolitan (soft, chewy crusts baked in a wood-fired oven and topped with fresh toppings), Neo-Neapolitan (similar to Neapolitan but with a sturdier crust), a square Sicilian (rectangular pizza with a thick crust,) or a good ol' New York-style (big, wide slices with a light layer of sauce and a lot of cheese on top), these are the best pizzerias in New York City.Queens doesn't have much of a reputation when it comes to pizza, but Beebe's, located in the Boro Hotel in Long Island City, is helping to fill that void.While there are a number of specialty pies on the menu, diners are able to customize pies to their liking. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon!

Beneath the toppings on each pie lies a golden-brown melted cheese, which provides a tasty foundation and crunchy texture to the surprisingly filling slice. The Hot Italian is also a crowd favorite, and the Mike's Hot Honey drizzled on top adds a touch of sweetness and heat.