Join the DZone community and get the full member experience.We had JDK 11, Kotlin, Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2, Gradle 5 with production-ready Kotlin DSL, JUnit 5, and another half a dozen libraries of the Spring Cloud stack for service discovery, creating an API gateway, client-side load balancing, implementing the Circuit breaker pattern, writing declarative HTTP clients, distributed tracing, and all that.

Not that all this was needed to create a microservices architecture — but it's fun!In this article, you will see an example of a microservices architecture on the actual technologies of the Java world, with the main ones given below (the versions mentioned are used in the project at the time of publication):Included in the Finchley SR2 Release train of the Spring Cloud projectThe project consists of 5 microservices: 3 infrastructure (Config server, Service discovery server, UI gateway) and examples of the front-end (Items UI ) and backend (Items service):All of them will be sequentially considered below. In order to keep up with booming demand, Netflix began to move a monolithic architecture to a cloud-based microservices architecture in 2009. It took more than two years for Netflix to achieve complete migration to the cloud. An alternative option is Netflix Zuul, which is included in Netflix OSS and integrated with Spring Boot using Spring Cloud Netflix.The UI gateway works on port 443 using the generated SSL certificate (located in the project). We have chosen the reactive programming language from family project with a set of components that can be used to implement our operations model. A big challenge for a platform that has grown like Netflix has is managing those microservices. It is always recommended to first understand the existing tech stack challenges and then research for an appropriate tool that would suit the team’s requirements by weighing the benefits/challenges. This functionality becomes available by simply adding the Specifying the appropriate logging settings, you can see something like the following in the console of the respective microservices (Trace Id and Span Id are displayed after the name of the microservice):For a graphical representation of a distributed routing Zipkin, for example, can be used, which will execute server function, aggregating information about HTTP-requests from other microservices (more Build and subsequent launch successfully pass on JDK 11.0.1. Netflix Eureka - Service Discovery Server Netflix Eureka allows microservices to register themselves at runtime as they appear in the system landscape. A lot has been written about Netflix and microservices (we recommend this blog post as a good overview of how microservices have been used by Netflix over the last decade). Ribbon uses the information available in Eureka to locate appropriate service instances. dd, yyyy' }} Using dynamically allocated ports is convenient to avoid port conflicts and to minimize administration but it makes it of course harder for any given service consumer. Microservices have got the tech world, and especially DevOps circles, buzzing. Netflix has become one of the most well-known examples of a modern microservices architecture; if an article mentions microservices, odds are, it also mentions Netflix. Tack för att du läser Callistas blogg. Stay tuned! With a sufficiently large number of UIs that need to be routed, it will be more convenient to use the integration with the Service registry:Let's consider an example of creating routes in the Java config manually (without integration with the service registry):The first route leads to the previously shown home page of the Eureka server (All routes created by the application are accessible via In the underlying microservices, it may be necessary to get access to the login and/or roles of a user authenticated in the UI gateway. Thymeleaf is used to form HTML pages. In 2015, JAX unanimously selected Netflix for the Special Jury award, citing the developer team’s huge influence on innovation and IT. Netflix Moves to the Cloud Netflix began moving from a monolithic to AWS cloud-based microservices architecture in 2009, long before the term microservices even existed.

Access to the login page is configured using WebFlux:Routing using Spring Cloud Gateway can be configured in a YAML or Java config. Spring Boot is a brand new framework from the team at Pivotal, designed to simplify the bootstrapping and development of a new spring application. If more than one instance is found, Ribbon will apply load balancing to spread the requests over the available instances. Ribbon does not run as a separate service but instead as an embedded component in each service consumer.Zuul is (of course) our gatekeeper to the outside world, not allowing any unauthorized external requests pass through. Netflix Ribbon - Dynamic Routing and Load Balancer Netflix Ribbon can be used by service consumers to lookup services at runtime.