That didn't change until O'Neal was in the twilight of his career, working for the playoffs more than the regular season.

15. Tim Hardaway, PG. When determining the average career WAR for a position, an adjustment is made that is similar to the JAWS system.

Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz used basketball reference’s Hall of Fame probability meter to go over each NBA teams’ roster to determine which players have the best chance to … This is by far the smallest group of offensive players in the Hall of Fame with only 8 in the entire hall!

He's been rewarded with a jersey retirement—an honor that would never have been given for his mere on-court contributions.Unfortunately for those who loved watching the big man dominate the offensive glass, that Hall of Fame probability is almost certainly accurate.

Russell Westbrook - 99.9%. Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by Win Expectancy, Run Expectancy, and Leverage Index calculations provided by Tom Tango of Total Zone Rating and initial framework for Wins above Replacement calculations provided by Sean Smith.Full-year historical Major League statistics provided by Pete Palmer and Gary Gillette of Many historical player head shots courtesy of David Davis. Active NBA player Hall of Fame probability per basketball reference. "He opened doors, dropped hook shots, crossed oceans, anchored defenses, created markets and stood as a great person and personality all the while. All logos are the trademark & property of their owners and not Sports Reference LLC. 1 month ago. Tightends. > Browse Hall of Famers A complete list of all inductees in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame: 2019 * The Class of 2019 will be enshrined on Sept. 6, At his peak, he was even more dominant than your typical star on the cusp of the all-time top 10, submitting some of the finest seasons ever during his championship-winning ventures alongside NBA statistician Elliott Kalb actually went even further in his 2004 book, From the moment he entered the league, the former LSU standout proved himself, playing like a man among boys, with an abundance of physical talents and finesse around the hoop. The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2020.

Over the course of his relatively short career, he averaged 19 points and 9.2 rebounds while producing 65.9 But that's not the process, and voters have never utilized that methodology.Webber wasn't a finalist in 2015, and the strength of the non-NBA-player inclusions could determine whether we experience deja vu.

Chris Paul - 100%. But repeated injuries and plunging production have led people to shut the door on the possibility of his return to the league’s elite.

According to Basketball Reference's Hall of Fame Probability model, he has a 6.1% chance of getting in. DeAndre Hopkins (70 percent): Nuk is the new best wideout in the game has … Hardaway is the only member from the famed "Run TMC" Golden State Warriors to not be in the Hall of Fame. Kevin Durant - 100%. "If we were to look at his NBA time in a vacuum, Ming would likely fall short. The committee can also take collegiate play into account or"In addition to peaking as one of the truly elite players in the league, Yao expanded the game internationally more than any other player in NBA history," Mahoney agreed with the other four panelists about Ming's potential Hall of Fame inclusion. Ming was a major reason for its popularity in China. He'll likely be fighting for inclusion once again in 2017.In a statistical vacuum, Chris Webber wouldn't generate much hype as a potential Hall of Famer, retiring with career averages of 20.7 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists.

Had he played during today's pace-and-space, efficiency-is-everything era, NBA coaches might have resisted his high-volume charms.Iverson emerged as one of the most unstoppable scoring threats this sport has ever witnessed, leading to insane levels of popularity and an enduring top-25 spot on the No retired MVP has ever failed to be inducted when eligible, and Iverson won't be the exception.The retired Houston Rockets 7-and-a-half-footer was one of the most impactful centers in the Association while he was healthy, but we can't just overlook the five seasons he spent with the Shanghai Sharks before he became the No.

And each of the last two years, Hardaway has been denied entry in favor of more deserving candidates.As impressive as his career may have been, whether he was putting up big offensive numbers as part of the Golden State Warriors' Run TMC crew or thriving in a Miami Heat uniform, Hardaway doesn't take precedence over the big-name candidates above.MVP voting results shouldn't be viewed as gospel. He was a fantastic sniper throughout his career, retiring with a lifetime three-point percentage of 40.1, but he was never the same after leaving the Sacramento Kings. The Naismith Hall of Fame is not limited to NBA … 1 pick of the 2002 NBA draft. The average for a random list of 5 is: Touchdowns: 44 Yards: 7069 Receptions: 520 Basketball Reference's Hall of Fame Probability calculator gives him just a 14.6% chance of getting in based on his NBA exploits alone.

364 on the all-time list, and that means Springfield, Massachusetts, is not in his future.Unfortunately, his body broke down during the second half of his NBA career, limiting both the number of times he could step onto the court and his effectiveness when he was actually on it. He was so dominant that his gaudy numbers and jaw-dropping highlights seemed to become routine.You can't possibly snub a big man who won the 1992-93 NBA Rookie of the Year award, the 2000 MVP award and NBA Finals MVP (three times). Explanation of this measurement * - Indicates Player is a Hall of Famer. Basketball-Reference has his Hall of Fame probability at 84.4 percent. One year after he retired in 2011, Throughout his prime, Ming's supporters stuffed the ballot boxes during All-Star selection processes to the tune of eight nods in eight years.

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