I’m so glad you included the Greek definitions. And we can certainly be in our intended functions, living, loving and doing life within the plan that God has laid out for us.This means that what Jesus asks of us in Matthew 5:48 is not an impossible goal.What Jesus does here is set a standard (imitating God) and He reveals to us a pathway towards that (we work on being complete and mature). Many have questioned why Jesus would ask us to be perfect when He knows it’s not possible for us.I believe if we will lay aside the Webster’s definition and take a deeper look at the original Greek root words in this verse, we will have a much clearer understanding of what “perfect” really means.According to Strong’s Concordance, the word perfect in this verse was derived from the Greek term teleios.Going even further, Greek philosophers used the word teleios (which is translated “perfect”) in regards to something being in it’s intended function.In Matthew 5:48, Jesus is asking that we be complete, that we imitate our heavenly Father, that we be ever moving and growing and doing our best to become more and more like Him. What He showed me was perfectionism. This feels defeating since we know we can’t be sinless. (Note, though, the pronunciation difference: PER-fect as a noun; per-FECT as a verb.) As I began to pray and dig deeper to search out word meanings, I was reminded of how God’s Word is living and active, full and rich. Blessings!Thank you, Leslie, for doing the work to ease the burden of being perfect. Blessings!Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Something that is perfect is complete and without defect or blemish. He doesn’t want us to be in the dark, and if we’ll spend time with Him, He’ll show us things about ourselves. The pause let Mac start to rant.
If that is what he wants then let him. I’d known for a very long time that I couldn’t be perfect. What if being perfect really means being complete, full grown, and in my intended place? just his existence by itself is making me soft. Delivered to your inbox! The proportions of this temple are almost perfect.exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose: a perfect actor to play Mr. Micawber; a perfect saw for cutting out keyholes.entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings: noting an action or state brought to a close prior to some temporal point of reference, in contrast to imperfect or incomplete action.designating a tense or other verb formation or construction with such meaning.of or noting the consonances of unison, octave, and fifth, as distinguished from those of the third and sixth. ClickWhat Does Perfect Really Mean According to the Bible? These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'perfect.' Going to the museum was a The pursuit of perfection is extremely deceptive.Fortunately, however, there is Someone who does see all these things about me. you want to find her/him fast, but you don't really want to let the thrill go by, and you want to make sure that they are the real deal before you fall too fast. But right here, right now, we can most certainly be in the process of becoming complete and mature, right? Delanoose, thank you for reading and for your comment. ... this boy is the literal definition of perfection, he looks great, he can rap, he can dance, he can sing, he can step on me, is there something he can't do? Thank goodness it doesn’t have anything to do with our flaws! Now the Matthew scripture makes perfect sense.

It is such a relief, isn’t it!! After reading the text he swore softly. “That’s perfect. This, my dear friends, is something worth holding on to!Thank you Leslie. I used to think that verse meant I needed to be perfect too. It tells the adventures of a romance writer Adele who hasn’t had the best of luck in the love department. I’d love to write on other verses some day! Originally I was thinking about making the topic; “There Is No Such Thing as a Perfect Relationship”. My Kind of Perfect is about making things perfect that aren't perfect in the eyes of others, just to me. My Kind of Perfect is a hard one to describe, it’s a kooky, oddball type of chick lit, with a few of the things that make chick lit, well, chick lit, thrown in- a whole room clapping when someone does something romantic, that sort of thing. I am preparing a message for the St. Valentine Day Men’s Breakfast. I’ve enjoyed getting to you know and #ChasingCommunity is always so encouraging to me! He poured all his feelings into the kiss, only breaking off when his phone buzzed. There is an additionally important point in this verse.

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It was kind of perfect as he entered the bullpen and sat back in his chair. Looking up the root words really gave me a lot of insight. ((hug))So true, Brenda. I really had a hard time understanding perfection in the Bible. Let’s take a look:Whenever the meaning of the word perfect is discussed, one of the most frequent verses to arise is Matthew 5:48. Some of the words that defined the week of January 17, 2020Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!Learn a new word every day. This definition is a very accurate picture of the way I viewed perfect in my own life for a long time. (Note, though, the pronunciation difference: PER-fect as a noun; per-FECT as a verb.) The word perfect can also be used as a verb meaning — you guessed it! So grateful for God’s work in making me aware that His standard of righteousness has nothing to do with flawlessness on my terms.Yes, Michele! I knew from the beginning that God would not ask something of us that would be impossible because He always provides a way, but it took a lot of deeper digging to really flesh out what that verse really meant. It is such a good thing to remember. Have enjoyed getting to know you through #ChasingCommunity. It really made a difference in how I understood that passage.