>> because he respects an icon and a classy lady. you know i do.

okay either of you put together the earnings report yet? she owes an apology to stevie nicks.

pu pu platter? >> no one's here but telemundo so stop acting like, whoo -- >> let's go to gary tuchman, he's in eastport maine.

honey boo boo is coming up next, i think. >> yeah.

>> it was a basketball wife, wasn't it? >> if anyone is going to know what a 51-50 is tonight call any local hospital and ask for anderson cooper and he's going to be there for three days. can you name any of the members?

we are one minute away. i've heard them all. she's watching tonight. we usually have ended up in her hotel room. >> if you missed it -- it was one of the weirder moments. no one cares about this. >> you know him better than i am. believe me, that's a first. >> i had to crash the gay parade. >> are you like even trying to do a broadcast here this exciting? this is the tallest building in eastport maine. >> here's what i got -- >> who -- >> i have a photo i want to show >> i don't do karaoke. you want to see me walk? >> no. >> what do you want to say to people out there who are watching who are thinking you're basically crazy for having done this right now? that's not bad. sushi coming down in that shoe, i get scared every year. >> we're going to do "you don't bring me flowers." >> we have -- >> he's a nut bag. psy is standing here like -- i just unplugged myself. >> of course.

>> you heard it here. >> it is your word. >> do you call your privates your christmas presents? sushi. what's going on? >> yes. ♪ ♪ how to save a life ♪ ♪ how to save a life ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm actually looking forward to this. >> i know you were.

do you want a candy cane? and we are about to bring in the new year 2013, one minutes 20 seconds to go. >> hi! >> there you have it anderson. i'm blocking. an hour later they lower, yes a sardine because this used to be the sardine capital of the united states of america. people are watching on the monitor. i'm in the city that was built in the shape of a palm tree. and she gets me more than wolf blitzer. >> and you are from the states?

polynesian? >> and they'll be playing "call me maybe." you can say sack. >> because i know ryan seacrest is twirling his invisible mustache somewhere saying "i got her." what did you do when the sardine came down?

what about when i sent an e-mail to the network and said can we rehearse more can we get more pr and the response was we're counterprogramming. that maple leaf may, the times square ball has nothing on this maple leaf. >> that was my journal entry from last night.

>> i don't know what you're talking about. he said it. you're not going to see this on any other network, i promise you. no one seems to care. let's give a demonstration. are you ready for our first one? >> get in line. ...i just uh paid my bill.

clearly someone -- yes, they unfortunately did that. it's going be be be to be like this but looser. and you know she wasn't lying. i go right down here. what i like about honey boo boo is every time they show an exterior of the house, a train is going by. >> no no i don't know what you're talking about. why don't you call your friend joe biden? our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. i haven't seen him since he will the big workout pants.

>> reporter: hi, anderson and kathy. >> just like -- okay wait. >> and gary tuchman is in of your show. rihanna is going to have sex with chris brown here in seven minutes. it's the new years here on the eastern time zone. you know why? >> there's certainly about the mafia shaking him down. and longoria goes there's babbs. >> that is not true. >> well brooke throughout most of human history people yeah. most people are out having fun tonight, jason drinking, having a good time. nice to see you again. and that tells you a lot about new year's here in the city of eastport, maine, the easternmost city in the united states. you take care. and look who's here. understood that men represent the passion and the love of dance. >> only two women have won in the history of the grammys, lilly tomlin and whoopi goldberg. >> does she whine about her perfect life? >> thank you very much sushi. >> i don't know. let's get to work. it may be cold but these people don't care. there. and then i came into your dressing room to hug you and you went like that. that was new year's in dubai. that's the joke about my mom. what else have you got on your cards?

exclusively at a sleep number store. >> just to be a part of this. [ chirping, buzzing continues ] [ horn honks ] [ buzzing continues ] [ male announcer ] the sprint drive first app. cold up there.

♪ islands in the stream that, is what we are ♪ no one in between how can we i really feel bad this is your last night. awkward. trust me. we'll have more from times square in just a moment. >> he's here with david cameron. >> i can't remember where i was but i was reading your tweets and watching you -- >> bravo carries me. >> reporter: minnesota? the first time they've launched fireworks from both land and sea so you can see how many people are out here enjoying it from the boats and the harbor to the crowds that are lining the harbor here. >> no. >> exactly. she said to psy you're basically printing money, money is coming out of your butt. not only are we between two country, but we're between two time zones. so listen, i had fun. >> my favorite song, by the way. so... can i get it? keep up the good work. >> it's hers it's hers.

let's talk about heros. i like that you hang out with my mom more than you hang out with me. >> rachel maddow? Ha debuttato accompagnando Don Byas, con il quale ha partecipato e suonato in molti festival in … pu pu platter?

place, unlike any other place in the world that i've ever been -- >> except kim kardashian's vagina. We offer a range of Civil Ceremony ​Training courses and we’ve been training Celebrants in both Funeral and Family Celebrancy for over seven years and pride ourselves, that as working Celebrants we deliver the highest standard of training and support. building, the tallest building in town.

come on.