An example of motivation within business is to keep the doors open and avoid having to return to the corporate world.Another business owner might be motivated to increase revenue and therefore decides to invest more money in marketing. Synonym Discussion of motive. (of power or force) causing movement or action 3. a reason for…. Most of the people who end up in poverty or struggle through life have the belief their needs won’t be met and therefore it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.We all have the need to be challenged and for there to be enough variety in life to keep us engaged and interested, otherwise life would become mundane and boring.We all have the need to feel important and unique. By "motive speech" is meant parenetic exhortations to keep the commandments, wherein motives for keeping the Torah as a …

2. The prosecution's theory was that the motive was money.

What makes life dreary is the want of motive. "; the latter, "How did the sensible world become what it is; of what nature was the She will be queen of all her subjects, and would have all the parties and distinctions of former reigns ended and buried in hers."' When a student begins college and wants to get their degree as a sense of accomplishment.An example of extrinsic motivation would involve an athlete who seeks the admiration of his or her fans. She might not really have the money for this, but the stronger the motivation to attract new customers, the more likely she will do what she can to let more people know her business exists.When was the last time you were hungry? "A beggar cannot renounce wealth," Master would say. 74. No motive for the killing has yet been established. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Motive" in Example Sentences Page 1. Your motivation is the need for food and if you don’t have a job, you will either look for one, find a way to get money, or, like the example of the homeless person previously, you might begin rooting through garbage.Most of us, especially when we’re younger, have this sincere desire to ‘fit in’ socially. He had the There’s no guarantee of success. : 2. 258+6 sentence examples: 1. Excitement is literally your bodies translation that says, “This is who I am”.These are highlighted in the Different Types of Motivation section above.Earning a paycheck is an example of extrinsic motivation. offered a watch as an She hadn't thought about his feelings or motive to help. It is important to distinguish between motive clauses of laws and ordinary motive speech. See examples of Motive in English. Motive sentence examples. She denied that her offer to help was based on selfish Police did not have anybody in custody or know the Another big-picture enigma: If moving the start of the season to a later date is the best COVID-19 strategy, how does that square with the same Toyota's hybrid system consists a two-motor transaxle (one of the motor-generators delivers The coming together of both aspects of his game has also led him to become more vocal on the court, both to keep himself motivated and to Defense attorneys tried to get those allegations blocked by the court, but U.S. District Judge Thomas Whelan ruled the allegations were relevant to whether campaign money was spent illegally and spoke to Police did not immediately offer information as to Of course, with all reports like this, speculation as to My photography is first and foremost a catalyst or reason to For example, a teenager may take part in bullying a fellow classmate because he wants his new friends to think he’s ‘cool.’ That motivator was social acceptance within a narrow circle of friends, but it went against his internal desires.

There’s:-Affiliation motivation – this is a desire to be able to somehow relate to others on a personal and social basis.-Competence motivation -involves the desire to be good at something and understand how to use it to your advantage.-Achievement motivation – you have specific goals you want to ‘achieve.’-Incentive motivation – if you reap a reward from a certain type of behavior or action, you are being incentivized.-Fear motivation -if you’re afraid of consequences, whether those are perceived or real, you will certainly be motivated and this is associated with your motivation.Ultimately, you need to understand your own personal motivation and the only way to do that is to take an honest assessment of why you want to do something, why it’s important, and what it gets or earns for you.Understanding your “why?” is going to be the most important decision you will ever make. Here are a few quick examples of motivation used in sentences.