Martin Rayner Doctor Chaotica was a holodeck character in The Adventures of Captain Proton .

An email will not be created automatically. He was encountered by Chakotay and a Janeway from an earlier time period, who Chaotica recognised as Arachnia.

Chaotica's forces captured the first two aliens to arrive and Chaotica killed one of them in cold blood, triggering a war between him and the aliens.

… Born on the Isle of Wight, his father left when he was two years old and of an outbreak of polio and all businesses took a turn for the worst. Trading Card Series from 2012.

as the fifth best episode of Star Trek: Voyager..

Who,” “Star Trek Voyager” (Dr. Chaotica), “Frasier,” and “Law and Order: CI.” Broadway and off-Broadway credits include Tom Stoppard’s “The Invention of Love,” the Graham […] A holographic novel is mistaken by aliens to be a real threat, so they take Voyager's controls off-line, forcing Janeway to assume the holonovel character of Arachnia.

Unaware of the existence of organic life, they believed the holo-programme to be reality and Voyager to be an illusion. In 2014, io9 ranked "Bride of Chaotica!" I don’t always think that Voyager got it right, but man, they nailed this episode.

The pair managed to convince him to let them modify the holodeck systems by warning of an attack by aliens from the Eighth Dimension. BY

Unaware of the existence of organic life, they believed the holo-programme to be reality and Voyager to be an illusion. Star Trek routinely recognizes the contributions of young pe... Martin Rayner stars as Ebeneezer Scrooge in Ford’s Theatre’s production of A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas.

Chaotica was just one role in a long, busy career that's seen Rayner concentrate mostly on … With summer here, many of us are dreaming of faraway holiday... Eventually, the crew discover the war being waged between Chaotica and the fifth dimension and must defeat him by playing out their roles as the fictional Captain Proton (Tom Paris), his sidekick Buster Kincaid (Harry Kim) the President of Earth (the Inside the program and now in full costume, Janeway/Queen Arachnia uses her charms to try to manipulate Chaotica into lowering the "lightning shield" protecting his fortress under the pretence that her loyal subjects in their "spider ships" can attend their wedding.

In the USA.

Tom Paris was fond of taking on the role of the serials' hero, Captain Proton, with Harry Kim playing his sidekick Buster Kincaid. Martin Rayner, who portrayed Doctor Chaotica in “ Night ,” “Bride of Chaotica!” and “Shattered,” is a veteran film, TV and stage actor.

[1] Rayner has been acting since the very early 1980s. Martin Rayner as Chaotica completely steals the show and the 1930s big orchestral score completely makes it!

History. Star Trek is all about exploring new worlds. WATCH: 10 Star Trek Vacation Spots We’d Love to Visit I collected currency and cards for over 35 years.

Chaotica apparently perished when he was caught in the feedback from the destruction of the death ray, but in true 1930s serial style, the programme ended with a caption reading "The End?" Doctor Chaotica is a recurring antagonist in Star Trek: Voyager.He appears in three episodes, debuting in the fifth season opener "Night".

Martin Rayner Doctor Chaotica is a holodeck character in The Adventures of Captain Proton holonovel. Chaotica becomes suspicious of Arachnia so she attempts to deactivate the shield herself but Chaotica traps her in his "confinement rings" force field for double crossing him, telling her he will kill her In 2012, Den of Geek ranked "Bride of Chaotica!"