The war is now on the water, and there is little room for river commerce. The flow and character of the story commend tPart of me likes this story and another part isn't very impressed. Instead, the author focused on the family that I surmise will provide the main characters that will anchor this series.

I thought it would be more about the history. Item Information. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The first in a projected eight-volume Civil War Battles series, this novel begins as tensions between the North and South are reaching fever pitch in Virginia. It’s sugary, abundant, tasty, and yet really underwhelming in value and payoff.

This item: Manassas (The Civil War Battle Series, Book 1) by James Reasoner Hardcover $19.79 Only 4 left in stock (more … Storm clouds are approaching Culpeper County, Virginia, in early January 1861. Part of me likes this story and another part isn't very impressed. Again, I read it in 3 days making this as easy a read since my prepubescent Edgar rice Burroughs days of yore.

We’d love your help. The story is exciting, the character development is a little bit flat, but the characters are sympathetic. Actually the read is pleasantly informative of base history, providing a reliable overview of Bull Run, including the major players involved. The Fogarty brothers are thieving riffraff whom Will has been trying to arrest for murder and robbery, but the outlaws are always just one step ahead of the lawman.

Good character development, though, and an easy read.The book has a nice story about the Brannon family in Culpepper, VA, at the beggining of the Civil War. He was moved to Azle Texas when he was just two weeks old and he still resides at the same place.

Zeke Farrell of the riverboat Missouri Zephyr.

This book, the first in a series, tells the story of the Brannon family, a family living in the South at the beginning of the Civil War. When he learns that Grant is preparing to move farther south, he tries to alert Southern leaders of the danger growing in Western Tennessee. It is compelling in its own way. When I’m in a read rut I will snag book 2 of this series.A great start to a civil war tale and it's very realistic in how things might go for one family in the south.Not quite what I was expecting, more of a drama than a war novel. He moved to the town of Azle, Texas when he was two weeks old and still resides there.

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Reasoner spins a lively, suspenseful yarn, albeit in pedestrian prose.

I suppose I read nothing in the description!I'm a fan of historical fiction (especially from the Civil War time period), so I really enjoyed this book. James Reasoner was born in Fort Worth, Texas on 5 June 1953. As the Civil War sweeps across the country, it finds the most wayfaring member of the Brannon family of Culpeper County, Virginia, working as a wharf rat at the Mississippi River port of New Madrid, Missouri. Costs may vary based on destination.Choose your shipping method in Checkout. I enjoyed the fact that this book focused more on the family (and the events occurring in their lives) than on the war and the battle. This series is a win/win for me since I have long been a student of the Civil War, among other parts of American History.People are mostly content with their lives in Culpepper, Virginia in January 1861. That’s not to suggest the story is disposable and belongs in the unread trashbin. Felt what the soldiers would have felt and stood where they stood. There are at least 10 books in this series - this book barely gets to the first battle of the Civil war. The author has enough hooks that An enjoyable, fast-paced story. gonna read the whole series.easy listening to civil war historical fiction. Costs may vary based on destination.Choose your shipping method in Checkout. Fleeing to the uncertain sanctuary of the new Confederate Army, he is caught up in its patriotic fervor. Entertaining enough and the battle of Manassas does come to pass in the final chapters.

The author has enough hooks that he kept me wanting to start the next chapter, and how & why the main character ends up as an officer in the Confederate army was a surprise that I did not see coming.