Great find to complete your Thompson. $14,500.00 FOB Missoula, Montana.Original Brass Powder Can for US Navy Lyle Line Throwing Cannon with lid.

Not sure if 100% complete. $595.00WW1 Portuguese Kropatchek Rifle M886/98 with Sling.

$595.00Rare M1 Garand Grenade launcher M7A3 as made by ACME 7266167 Part number. $129.00WW2 US Army Rubber Recoil Pad as used with M1 Garand or 03 Springfield. Penetration for the M31 is estimated to be Various US military manuals issued in 1972 still had sections on the M31, but by the end of the Vietnam War, both the US Army and US Marines had essentially phased out muzzle-launched rifle grenades, in favor of the In the 1977 revision of US military anti-armor warfare manuals, the M31 HEAT was no longer listed.Jane's Infantry Weapon's System 1976, page 452, Watts Publishing FM 23-3 Tactics, Techniques and Concept of Antiarmor Warfare, page 14, published US Army August 1972US Army publication September 30, 1977 "FM-7 The Mechanized Infantry Platoon/Squad Section B-21" specification for M72A2 LAW variant which uses a warhead almost identical to the M31 HEATNote - before the publication of FM-7 September 1977, various penetration specifications were given for the M72A2 and the M31 HEAT. The result was 200 mm (8 inches) the proceeding penetration specification is stated as it appears in FM-7 1977.One of the reasons was that, with the phase-out of the heavier 7.62mm assault rifles for the lighter 5.56mm assault rifles, they no longer had an infantry weapon that could launch a heavy antitank rifle grenade The M7A3 was all business. $125 plus actual shipping of $8. Anywhere from 250mm to 305mm. Great find for either Civil War or Indian War collection. Soft and supple. Would consider taking other Civil War arms in Trade.

Excellent Complete action. K. R. Wilson of Arcade, New York, (KRW) was the first contractor of the M7A3. Life is too short not to have your own personal full scale Civil War field gun around the house.

Exc Cond. $25.00Shown w/ Item #002180, being the corresponding Belt Case, sold separately. Army Surplus-Operator's Manual for Grenade Launcher TM 9-1010-221-10 The safest, easiest, and best way to operate the M203 40-mm Grenade Launcher is to use this manual. $300.00Spanish American War US Canvas Breech Cover for Springfield Krag Carbine or Rifle. All markings present on the revolver and nice mechanical condition.

Getting hard to fine.

This would make an excellent and accurate shooter, superb piece for parades and Civil War re-enactments or just a great piece to have in the collection to roll out on the front lawn for 4th of July, and other historical events and days. Excellent condition... $200.00Reproduction WW2 FP-45  OSS Liberator Single Shot Stamp .45 caliber Pistol Instruction sheet that was issued with each pistol. Introduction & Overview. Very good condition. $225.00Rare WW2 M7 M1 Garand Grenade Launcher which as been converted for use with the M1903 rifle. $150.00WW1 Springfield .45-70 and/or Krag .30/40 Rifle Sling.

These M1886/98 Tubular fed Rifles used through the end of the Great War and in Portuguese Colonies for years to follow. Will consider part trade. Doctor and later Colonel LeMat's novel design of the big 42 caliber 9 shot cylinder revolving around a center mounted Shotgun barrel with pivoting hammer nose was and remains one of the most classic arms of  the War and in the history of firearms. Exc cond. Nice condition. Mint $350.00WW2 M1918A2 BAR Bipod. The set, $225.00Rare Original lst Model LeMat Revolver with matching serial No. The M7 grenade launcher, formally rifle grenade launcher, M7, was a 22 mm rifle grenade launcher attachment for the M1 Garand rifle that saw widespread use throughout World War II and the Korean War.The M7 was a tube-shaped device, with one end slotting over the barrel of the rifle, the other end holding the grenade in place. All of the First Model LeMat Revolvers with serial number up through 450 had the loading lever on the right side of barrel, spur trigger guard, and lanyard ring on butt, and half round half octagon barrel. A real time capsule. In Very good overall original Condition. w/Light Rust with Numrich Gun Parts - the world's largest supplier of gun parts. Brown patina with some cleaning to metal.

Master machinist made barrel to exact specifications of the original and on a superb reproduction Carriage made again to the Ordnance Specifications. Learning to... (read more) Shortly after completion of the M7A2 Grenade Launcher contract, KRW was awarded a contract to produce the first M7A3. marked Rock Island Arsenal.