That same week I confirm three work projects and feel fired up for the first time in months.‘When you’re aware of your aura and your energy, it’s like you’re coming off autopilot and driving with care,’ says Emma.

A tightening in the face or body is a sign ‘their energies are not intermingling well with yours’.Emma started seeing auras aged 11.

1 on the Top Album Sales chart and at No. 1

LOVE TESTIMONIAL (1) The Counsel I received through Love & Happiness taught me the lesson of speaking or better yet… Listening to my Wife's Love Language.

Hi Records, however, did not release the song as a single at the time that the album I'm Still in Love with You was on the charts, instead releasing the title track, "Look What You Done for Me", and "For the Good Times". And, while there are no good or bad colours, each one has a meaning and it is its brightness – the vibrancy and clarity of it – that matters.

Your aura is a two-way radio,’ spiritual healer Emma Lucy Knowles tells me over Zoom.

This is how you ‘set your vibes to attract your desires – be that finding the right job, right partner, right friends – or make the right choices in love, life and work’.When your colours are shining brightly and clearly, ‘you’re creating a big poster to the universe about what you want’. So you want to set it to the right frequency.’Emma, who is 36 and lives in London, has been helping people fine tune their auras for the past 15 years (her clients have included celebrities such as Victoria Beckham) and now she’s written a book, You Are a Rainbow: Essential Auras, a beginner’s guide to calibrating your aura – through meditation, visualisations and breathing exercises – to get what you want in life.Like most people, I’d never really given my aura a second thought.

The result was like a slow fever, building on the beat, pushing up the temperature with each breath of the staccato horns and pushing through to delirium as we came up on the fade. ‘Say you’re looking for love, you may want to start putting pink [the colour associated with love] into your energy to emphasise it.’Another benefit of tuning into your aura: you surround yourself with the right people. ‘It calls and receives. New Submission Plans will come together. Lemar released it on the album The Letter in 2015. ‘And, ultimately, the question, “What is an aura?” really means “Who are you and what are you made of?”’‘Feeling is believing and this exercise will help you connect with your aura. Life will seem easier. You will feel energised. Welcome to Beatport. Follow @ConcertBoom. ‘It takes some practice, but each time you try the colours will be clearer and stronger.’Finally, you find a deep meditative state and use your breath to dial up the brightness of any muddy colours.

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"Bye Bye Love" is a popular song written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant and published in 1957. Welcome to Beatport. ‘The aura is a rainbow,’ says Emma. ‘You’re being responsible for your energies, the way you work out to look after your physical body.’It’s particularly relevant this year. ‘My mum says when I talked to people I’d be looking off into the corner of the room. Label: Warner Special Products - OPCD-2598,Warner Special Products - LHR-1 • Format: CD … 3 Billboard 200 debut of their 2014 release Rivers in the Wasteland.

That had gotten away from me. This is the band's highest charting album to date, besting the No. When a colour is dull and cloudy, it’s a signal there is a ‘block’ you need to work on.‘These colours help you understand what forces inside you are shaping your life, so you can let go of what’s clogging your flow and holding you back from your goals,’ says Emma.

For example, red is the colour of strength. ‘Your aura is like a magnet calling out to people who are vibing at the same frequency as you,’ explains Emma.

Hold for a few breaths.● Now slowly move your hands towards each other until you feel the weight of the energy between them – that’s your aura. I’ll see flashes of colours around them in my mind’s eye.’Of course, I’m curious what Emma has seen in my aura while we’ve been talking, and she reveals I am ‘awash with punchy colours, like a Monet painting’ (phew) but there is a dark, rusty shade of orange lurking (the colour of vitality), which indicates a lack of productivity.
I wouldn’t say it was a return to the old style soul of my early days, but I definitely pulled it from the same source of raw and gritty need.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1990 CD release of Love And Happiness - Album No. 2 on the US Billboard 200, moving 50,000 equivalent album units in its first week of release, of which 46,000 were in traditional album sales.