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whilst you're excited by way of effective wine, desirable shape and taking photos, then spend greater of a while in Paris. i've got confidence what you needed to understand became "which city is greater interesting?" It’s said you want to meet a English person, don’t go to London because there are none.
People are not so nice, kids wielding knifes around the city will do you in just as look at ya. Places like London and Paris would be two of them.

there's a reason Brixton's city centre is time-commemorated as "the valley of death"!

Though both European metropolises are steeped in historic grandeur, each has a way of consistently reinventing itself with … My opinion- Paris! those in London in spite of the undeniable fact that? i've got been to Paris many situations, and that i lived in London for a competent 7 years. New Years Eve the hotel staff and a few people we meet said stay in the crowds on the main streets as the “hungry are out tonight”.I’ve travel a lot, many places where you’d expect to meet harm and didn’t.My opinion- Europe is amazing, so much culture and places to see. Travel with eyes wide open, as things are changing fast in Europe, for good or bad I can’t say. On the other hand, London has much better connections and if you need a connection, the system is easier to find a useful one.The best map for this is the Underground overground map for sale in London, and free in Paris but only from the main Metro stations near the main railway stations, it may be called different in Paris.Both Paris and London have a lot in culture, museums, sights, famous sites and so on.Which is better for you depends on your preferences.And if you are worried about languages, in Paris French is appreciated but English is understood by many. My opinion- Paris! By Sarah Gordon. For living, London if you’re a professional that speaks English well but doesn’t speak French fluently. London vs Paris: The infographic that puts the two capitals head-to-head in their battle for supremacy. a.!!)

It’s dangerous times. Paris and Rome both boast world-class sights, incredible food, tasty wine, epic history, and enough things to do to keep you busy and enchanted for months on end. properly in the journey that your after a non-provide up social gathering with drugs, alcohol, women and violence then London wins. Having lived in Spain a few years and returned a year ago. Spain and Portugal are awesome, rich culture but poor people now…Morocco…can’t say enough, you have to go. Four days in This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions.FAQ: CDG to Paris: RER (train) vs. in spite of the undeniable fact that, my advice may be, do no longer flow to the two of those places! I have asked the same question in the London forum but never in I did not read the 62 answers to the question you posed on the London forum.I agree with DObby, 4 days in one and 4 in the other. In the dead of winter the line to the top was 4 to 5 hours wait. Paris is beautiful, summer is insane crowded, so forget seeing the cool places or being atop the Eiffel Tower. whilst you're susceptible to drug abuse in any way, returned London wins palms down. Get your self over to Dublin the place the girls folk are warmer, the nutrition is large, the area is secure, and the craic is unbeatable! I worked in what became interestingly the "2d best eating place in London", and it ain't have been given no longer something on your known french bistro! There's a reason why Brixton's town centre is known as "the valley of death"! I would think Paris as I find Paris a much easier city to get around despite speaking almost no french, the Paris metro is easier to use than the underground in London.Paris is a prettier city, has great museums and still has better food. People moving in who are now unemployed and unlikely to find jobs for many reasons.Both London and Paris have a good system of underground trains, buses and local trains.I think the Paris underground train system is a little easier to use when using a good map, as with a little more walking you can often avoid the need to change. Be cool and open to new cultures….leave any American attitude at home, you’ll meet people and see things a different way that will make the trip even more special.