The character's last name, "Lemon", is apparently intended to imply an acerbic personality and possibly also to make her full name alliterative. She first saw Jack Donaghy and Tracy Jordan, and spoke with Jack telephonically, in 1986 while watching a live telethon alone in her parents' basement on prom night. from episode "Whilst dancing at the post-show party with James Franco and his pillow, Kimiko, in " Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American television series 30 Rock.

(the name of her home office furniture from As demonstrated over the course of her appearances, Liz seems to have When Liz and Jack first meet, and for several seasons thereafter, neither realised that they had spoken to each other by telephone twenty years before.In the beginning of the series, Liz and Jack had an Despite their close friendship, Jack rarely addresses her as "Liz", generally preferring to call her by her surname. For example, while she was trying to meet a date at a karaoke bar, a man asked her if the seat next to her was taken and she asked him why she should move her coat just so he could sit there.Liz has a rather sardonic sense of humor. The Don’ts of Liz Lemon’s Dealbreakers I really hope you’re watching 30 Rock . Flashbacks reveal that she has worn glasses since she was about four or five.Liz is generally portrayed as something of a geek, so, although apparently a skilled writer, she seems to have precious few social skills. In earlier episodes, she almost always appeared wearing plastic-rimmed glasses, though she has started to wear the glasses less and less over the course of the show. She has frequently been shown to be a stress eater, a trait she shares with Jack, and, although she is often seen eating junk food, she seems to keep her weight under control, perhaps because she doesn't seem to have proper meals. Liz’s longtime friend Pete immediately agrees with the assessment, because it’s pretty dead-on. Liz Lemon is a perfect example of this. According to Fey, the character is not bulimic; "she just likes to eat. She created and writes for the fictional comedy-sketch show The Girlie Show and later TGS with Tracy Jordan. A recurring gag is Liz having relationships with men who share the names of celebrities or fictional characters, including In her longest onscreen relationship, Liz dates Criss Chros (Lemon was ranked #1 on Yahoo's Greatest 100 Television Characters since 1990. According to Pete, Liz has had some "really terrible boyfriends" in the ten years that he's known her. Pete said the "knitting" part, in particular, was uncanny.In contrast with her friend and foil Jenna Maroney, Liz seems to have little interest in stereotypical female interests such as fashion. Liz's parents, Dick and Margaret Lemon, are very supportive of her, at least outwardly. Jenna once got mad at Liz when she overheard Liz describe her to Tracy as being "paranoid" and "neurotic.

They said this, in each case, while we were breaking up." Because other than Jack Donaghy’s dry wit, Kenneth’s cartoonishly eager face, Jenna’s hopelessly hopeful career, and Tracy’s lunatic antics, my favorite part is watching Liz Lemon navigate the world of being single. RELATED: 30 Rock: 10 Smartest And Cleverest Quotes. It is repeatedly implied (and eventually confirmed) that she once dated Liz has also had several multi-episode onscreen romances. See our top-ranked characters and read their profiles. He helps run TGS and serves as the only other responsible adult on the TGS staff.

She is also the first per Liz Lemon- 30 Rock ’30 Rock’ is a satirical sitcom that was aired on NBC from 2006 until 2013. Fey has reported incorporating some of her own quirks and history into the character, saying that she tries to "share as many of Liz's habits as possible so it feels truthful." "Liz and Pete have known each other since about 1996 and he's possibly the closest thing Liz has to a confidant besides Jack, especially since Jenna, her closest female friend, is far too anxious about her own life to function as such. Her brother Mitch had a skiing accident on Sunday, December 8, 1985 when he was a high school senior. However, Liz Lemon is only very rarely referred to as "Elizabeth" and the character's name is usually given as "Liz Lemon" in official contexts (example, the plaque on the door to her office).

She appeared in Slate, discussing how the show covers politics and feminism, assessed Lemon's character as being drawn from other genres of comedy in unexpected ways: "the man-child is a venerable comic tradition, from The Jerk to Billy Madison to everything Lemon has a sandwich named in her honor, consisting of hot housemade pastrami, turkey, swiss, coleslaw, Russian dressing and potato chips on rye, at 7a Foods in West Tisbury, Massachusetts.Fey has reported incorporating some of her own quirks and history into the character, saying that she tries to "share as many of Liz's habits as possible so it feels truthful". "Since that time, each man that I have dated has made a point of saying how much I remind him of the main character on that show, Liz Lemon.