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You can view your FlexText® on a computer, tablet, or mobile device through the Learning Site or Learning Site iOS app. See examples of Entre culturas. When there is integrity to the learning through authenticity, it motivates the kids to stay in the target language.This is the only textbook series that incorporates comprehensible input strategies and has supports from level 1 to prepare students for the AP exam. It's easy for me to find the formative assessments, to assign them, and to adjust the attempts they get to receive a passing grade.The learners like it a lot because it's very fresh. Explorer provides the digital course materials for your textbook, including audio, video, and online activities and resources. Analytic and holistic rubrics accompany this textbook so teachers can stay on track.The educator-author team considered a variety of learner and eduacator styles in the backwards design of the series. Semana 2. EntreCulturas series fact sheet Between Explorer ® (digital course materials) and FlexText ® online textbooks, the Learning Site holds all your digital products in one place. ISBN: 978-1-942400-93-6 ©2017.


Please Orders containing Teacher Edition(s) must ship to a verifiable contact at a school or district address.to create courses and access the digital material on the Learning Site. Unidad 5 Lesson Plan Level 1A Novice-Low to Novice-Mid Spanish | Level 1B Novice-Mid to Novice-High Spanish Level 1A Novice-Low to Novice-Mid Spanish | Level 1B Novice-Mid to Novice-High Spanish In level 1A and 1B, students build the language skills, personal attitudes, and cultural insights necessary to experience life "entre culturas," using Spanish to connect with people. Communicate, Explore, and Connect Across Cultures Visit our product pages within the series for detailed program information and free resources, like this Level 1A Novice-Low to Novice-Mid Spanish | Level 1B Novice-Mid to Novice-High Spanish Level 3 Spanish | Intermediate-Low to Intermediate-Mid It's set up the way that I've always been striving to teach.I've been using levels one and two with my first and second year learners for a year and a half. Tearable print-outs of the most popular activities already incorporated into the Learning Site and hardcover textbook. For educators and learners who would otherwise manually print the activities, this collection of handouts saves time, ink, and peace of mind. Digital access to the Learning Site is granted via access codes.FlexText is the digital version of your textbook. The Learning Site is the online home for your course, hosting two interrelated tools: FlexText ® and Explorer. Explorer houses authentic resources, activities, assessments, a grade FlexText is the online version of the textbook. Subsequent years require new codes.