Months of work, 140,000 stitches later and we're ready to push the Jacket button.

We designed a high quality material jacket and want to know who out there wants it!

An error in the time machine sends him further back to the Viking Age. Apr 26, 2016 Looking to watch Kung Fury?

All comedies similar to this make me embarassed what I'm just watching.

Follow our production diary to see behind the scenes videos and our journey towards future projects.It's been a Viking Age since we've made a blog post, but we're still here and keeping busy.

Суперкоп Кунг Фьюри решает совершить путешествие во времени в нацистскую Германию, чтобы убить Гитлера и положить конец нацистской империи.

"Kung Führer", and revenge his friend's death at the hands of the Nazi leader.

Kung Fury is one of "those movies," you either love it or you hate it. This movie rocks. Wish they made more movies like this now. There's little if any room for you to "kind of be entertained" here.

David worked on the film for a more than a year with almost no budget but a strong vision, with the help of friends and family.

We are in the process of organizing with different fulfillment centers now to deliver your rewards ideally by the end of May. We plan to have them on our webshop on a TBD date.Anyways so much going on, but more to come as we're working our way towards a fun year and developing a feature film.If you missed the first pre-order deadline, no worries at all, due to fan demand we have extended the pre-order for Also, the music video that started us down The Jacket highway has also been nominated in VEVO's The Year in Vevo: (laughing teary eyed emojis). Most popular community and official content for the past week.

Thank you to all our backers for making this possible.Kickstarter Sensation Kung Fury ready to #TakeHoff as 80’s icon David Hasselhoff performs the lead track ’TRUE SURVIVOR’. Better than all the movies out now in 2019 and 2018 lol All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Videos News Guides Reviews. Keep it in the 80s retro future. You can be convinced, my wife hated it at first, but i love the opening so much we watched it together to a few times and she finally gave the … Kung Fury. Our Netflix launch gained a whole new audience these past few weeks and that's been crazy exciting. Отдельн I WILL TELL YOU THE SECRET ON HOW TO BEAT THE MOVIE: KUNG FURY. If you're a Kickstarter backer, please make sure the campaign has your shipping address by filling out the address survey Kickstarter sent out, or update a previous survey if you have moved and were in a combo tier. Now, however, I can't get rid of it from my library. This movie with the film quality, effects, cheesy stuff i would watch over any movie now. 0 in Group Chat. ITS AS EZ AS 1, 2, AND 3. Is there any way to actually REMOVE it rather than hide it?

If you have a chance to vote for True Survivor, visit here: We also know we've had lots of hiccups and delays with our project but we can't thank everyone enough for the super support we receive as the Kung Fury fan base continues to grow. Kung Fury takes place in a variety of exotic locations; 1980s Miami, Asgard and Germany in the 1940s, to name a few. Watching a movie may look like nothing special on the surface, but it may not be as easy as it seems to be! Maybe with some practice, you will be a professional moviegoer in the fut...  В Майами 80-х появляется самый опасный преступник всех времен — Адольф Гитлер, по прозвищу Кунг Фюрер.

I'm aware that many people will begin with their salty posts, but keep calm guys, I just wanted to know if there's anybody else who weren't that amused of this 'masterpiece'.

Laughing at stupid or pathetic jokes.

Kung Fury was funded mainly through a Kickstarter campaign, where people from all around the world showed their support for this crazy project. #FightMeNerds Miami Police Department detective and martial artist Kung Fury time travels from the 1980s to World War II to kill Adolf Hitler, a.k.a.

Make a sequel.

Most of the film has already been shot, but additional filming and lots of visual effects remain to be done.The film will be around 30 minutes long and released for free on the internet.

All rights reserved. "Kung Führer", and revenge his friend's death at the hands of the Nazi leader.

I watched the video once; it was ok. Definitely worth a chuckle. But Java, where this exact structure is used was only available from 1995, ten years after the story's date. Sep 24, 2015 We are really proud of the work put into the jacket and are super excited to offer it soon. Nov 04, 2015 © Valve Corporation. Miami Police Department detective and martial artist Kung Fury time travels from the 1980s to World War II to kill Adolf Hitler, a.k.a.

This is just an estimate survey to help us know how many to make! Am I alone?

It's still there under the "Videos" section of my library, and the only option I can see that gets rid of it is to "Set Category" and "Hide from Library".

More fun stuff is happening and we want you all to know we are working our best towards your Kickstarter rewards with our resources and will always update our community when there is awesome news to share! The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure.

Fun stuff, we're officially Facebook Stickers now, thanks to incredible artist Ferry Gouw.

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I think I'm too old for this..