She soon turns up in Erinsborough and explains that she heard from Chloe that Mark was going through a hard time. Yashvi later brings her bike to the garage for Evan to check over. Toadie assumes Sonya has had an affair with Mark, and he has sex with Andrea when she comes to his hotel room. Toadie and Dee then leave the prison, as Andrea is left sobbing at the loss of her children and Toadie.

While he is in The Waterhole, Hamish notices Tyler Brennan playing pool and joins him for a game. The family go to Adelaide to come up with a plan for Fay, and Mark decides to move there to help Tyler and Piper take care of her. The schoolgirl bows out from Erinsborough in order to start on a scholarship in Sydney, Kirsha has been struggling to convince her family that she's ready to fly the nest, amid concerns that she's not independent enough to live in another state.Upcoming scenes will see Kirsha's father Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) start to change his mind, before convincing his wife Dipi that they should respect their daughter's wishes and let her go.Kirsha's departure airs at the end of next week, as she says her goodbyes to the other Rebecchis.Wanting her new independent lifestyle to start straight away, Kirsha asks for nobody to join her on the journey to Sydney. He suggests that she will need 24-hour supervision. Perplexed as to why she looks identical to Andrea, Dee visits her in prison and convinces her to take a DNA test. When he gets back in, he realises Yashvi has been through his phone and knows that he is Fay comes to Erinsborough to see her sons Mark, Aaron and Tyler.

Willow learns that her father, Toadie contacts Willow to let her know that he has Andrea's phone number, and she advises him to throw it away. Yashvi is forced to cancel the date when her younger sister goes missing, but Evan helps her search. Willow expresses her reservations over deceiving the Rebecchi family and letting Toadie believe that she is his daughter. Fay tries giving Piper an update about Tyler, but Piper struggles to hear how he has moved on with his life when she is treading water. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK Neighbours began with twelve main characters which made up three families: the Ramsays, the Robinsons and the Clarkes. However, Heather and Dee later arrive in Ramsay Street and Willow rushes inside Number 30 where she is unable to tell the difference between Andrea, who pretends not to know her and Dee. When he sent an associate to check on him, Mannix was gone, so Paul assumed that he made his way to the nearest town. Rory later apologises to David, who tells him that he ended his relationship with Aaron. I'd like her to come back one day. Willow attempts to convince Andrea to return the $100,000 to Toadie, but she refuses and remains in London.

As they plan to visit him, the hospital calls Fay and she informs her sons that Russell has died. It also emerges that Sindi posed as Emily on the phone to Mark, and is after a cut of the Bliss estate in exchange for helping Andrea with the information needed to scam Toadie.

Vani Dhir, Actress: Neighbours. Shane saves Kirsha from being struck by Jimmy's bike, but he is injured and cannot accompany her to a Kirsha is one of a handful of students who are poisoned by hydrogen cyanide gas planted in the school by Yashvi arrives in Erinsborough with her mother Dipi and younger sister During the Year 12 break-up antics, Yashvi joins in despite being in Year 11. Was Bea limping in Thursday's episode? Her new attempt nearly succeeds until Dee, having been rescued by Heather, arrives at Number 30 and convinces Toadie that she is the real Dee. He admires her BMX bike, and asks if she is a member of a local Facebook BMX group. Sonya gives Willow a job at the nursery.