Thumb stop works well but isn’t really necessary because it grinds so smoothly and easily. I thought my grind was off, too, and ground finer to avoid underextraction, but turns out I also tended to brew at temperatures that were too low.

Thanks.from the time of handheld, hand-cranked calculators, or a Leica from the time of chemical photography.

The most aligned hand grinder with Italmill burrs that I know of.

Kinu M47 Intre cele 2 rasnite sunt diferente, legate preponderent de modul de constructie si design; nu am observat diferente mari in ceasca.
The kinu interested me, but it was double the weight. If you grind up a fairly standard 30 grams of coffee on a fine setting it winds up compacting into the catcher so firmly that the grounds cannot be extracted without a butter knife or a chopstick or something you can jab down in there to loosen everything up. The usability and simple design of this grinder is excellent. With more plastic of course.Check out the 1ZPresso K-pro.

Dialing in for various brew methods, we found that 1.5 to 2 full rotations from 0 would be suitable for Turkish coffee, 2.5-3.5 for espresso, 4-6 for pourover, and 6.5-7.5 for very coarse needs like cold brew. If you just want to make drip go for the Phoenix, if you want great espresso then buy an M47, advice given to me, and passed on!The Kinu M47 is wonder to use.

I like the feel of the grinder in my hand. I was set to get the Phoenix when it came out but now I have some reservations: From the countless hours of research I've done, I have gathered the following different opinions:There is so little difference between the Kinu and Comandante (especially for someone coming from such a cheap grinder), that whatever I buy will be a significant upgrade and it only comes down to aesthetics, build and price.The Kinu M47 creates way too many fines for V60 brewing and I'll run into blocked filters and muddy brews. I love high quality manual devices!I bought mine from Kinu before Prima carried them. If you do brew espresso, you might favor the Kinu, although the Comandante has as an extension kit that makes IT great for espresso too.Can't really chime in on the Kinu, but I've got a Comandante and I love it. But then I don't want to feel like I've bought an inferior grinder for filter brewing when I could have spent £60 less on a better product. Draw down times are fine and consistent. I decided on the Comandante because of the claims that it produces less fines. Cleaning and dis/reassembly is super easy. Is this showing the comandante to have less variance? The only negative issue I had with the grinder is because they can't incorporate all grinding settings within that small of a grinder, you have to make full rotations to reduce or increase coarseness and it's very easy to forget what rotation you were on the previous day so you can know how much to adjust for a different brew the next day.

Please read our Kinu's unparalleled attention to detail makes the M47 one of the best hand grinders available today.

Kinu M47和Comandante C40 MK3的抉擇 - 請問版上朋友們,最近小弟想從海勒101升級成這兩台其中一台,平日手沖和義式可以說是各半,不知道是否有同時用過這兩台的朋友給小弟一點建議,如果有風味上的說明會更好,感謝各位~~(就愛咖啡香 第1頁) Kinu VS Comandante Coffee Hand Grinder Comparison - YouTube Find your dealer now! 47 mm conical steel burrs are housed in an all-steel body, with a 30 gram capacity and micro-stepped adjustment to suit all your coffee brewing needs.Kinu's dedication to fine engineering is apparent from just about every angle with their M47 hand grinder. It ended up marring up the conical guide and has a dent on the bottom from the drop but so far it hasn’t lost a magnet and holds onto the grinder well. One follow up question though... is the difference in fines at a coarser grind really that different between the two in your opinion?/r/ Coffee is a place to discuss any and all things coffee.Press J to jump to the feed. With this thing the noise in the morning now seems so unnecessary.The grinder itself is amazing. Joe & Jeremy posted on Instagram: “17:25 Sydney time...EK43 vs Kinu M47 vs Comandante. Hey thanks for the response. Almost a pity I only grind 17g a day. Great tasting espresso in the cup, easy to adjust, dial in, and clean. How long do they last? It's a little heavy.

I’ve done research but I’d like to get the community’s opinion here. What temp range are you brewing at? I personally use the grounds catch container from my Baratza 270. A couple of times, the magnet pills slipped out of the cup and were stuck to the grinder.
It works amazingly well, and feels like its build to last. Heavy duty is what comes to mind. One thing to watch out for is if you’re not paying attention your wedding (or any) ring will scratch up the body pretty quick.Fantastic. This time is a little longer than for the two other coffee grinders that I tested in my life (compared to the Apollo grinders from BPlus or the Kinu M47). recently bought a c40 because of curiosity/brewing other methods/looks (black one haha)grinding for espresso is 2x as easy on the kinu compared to c40. Traveller vs Phoenix (maybe vs Comandante) For daily driver (mostly espresso) Thanks for replies so far, very helpful. The M47 is constructed of stainless steel body which is very strong, compared to other with aluminum bodies. I’m not too worried about the weight of the M47.