Once you have a full set of Cuman armor, you can stroll in and the bandits will leave you alone - but you may run into an inquisitive Cuman. Travel to Pribyslavitz, where you might want to first take the opportunity to loot the camp, as there are large quantities of valuable abandoned Marius requests Henry's help in surveying the land, and will comment on some good locations for planned construction.

a smithy or butcher's office), thanks to which the village will be able to earn some money for itself. Stables won't provide you with great income and they aren't cheap.

Throughout his quests, Henry will have met several craftsmen who he can convince to move to Pribyslavitz and take over. However, if you have leveled Stealth to 5, you can get a Stealth Kill perk that uses a Dagger in your inventory to kill your target with minimal noise. Every detail Henry makes note of will help, and sabotaging will reduce army numbers - but the battle can be won without them, it will just be harder fought. There are not enough sites for all buildings, so you will need to decide whether to build a Butcher or a Bakery, Stables or Guardhouse. Don't rush with this project. In From the Ashes, after the battle Sir Divish … For example, you may be interested in taking a blacksmith out of Sasau so that the smithy in Pribyslawitz can prosper. Lord Divish arrives and the three men discuss the logistics of rebuilding, which will ultimately cost several tens of thousands of But labour isn't cheap, and there is a chest that Henry will need to fill with gold to pay the workers. If you follow Timmy’s instructions from the previous quest, you can’t miss it. A few basic notes:The basic "building" available from the beginning. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. After taking out a guard, be sure to carry and dump their body somewhere out of the way like the deep brush or into the stream - if others see a body they will go on alert and warn others. Don't try to fight, you won't stand a chance. It is important to ensure there are sufficient funds (and you have a good enough reputation), or else Lord Divish will strip you of your title... and your village. The person who will help you in the further expansion and development of Pribyslawitz is Marius is not working for free, and in the initial part of the questThe reconstruction of Pribyslawitz will cost you tens of thousands of gold pieces, and at the very beginning of the work related with the expansion of the village it is worth having at least 20-30 thousand groschen in stock. This is the best way to check how much a new object in the village will cost you, what are the requirements to construct it apart from gold (e.g.

They are only available for specific buildings. The developers, Warhorse Studios, describe it as "much more like a huge extension on the vanilla game... because it's integrated into the main quest." Provides 75 groschen income. However, you will also get a chance to sabotage the enemy. In my travels, I have recruited some unique NPCs to work in Pribyslavitz. However, if you managed to silence a few, or poison them, or take out their archers, you can risk telling Sir Radzig the numbers are manageable. Once you reach the border of the town, the way things will unfold will vary heavily on the choices you make, and the ones you already made. All in all, the total cost will be between 94,000 - 95,000 All buildings come with characters who are able to run each site. NPCs It is much more important to get buildings that generate income.The second step in rebuilding the church is even more expensive. Finally, a path leading from the East reaches a very narrow bridge over the stream - but it’s only guarded by a few Cumans. For this to work, you’ll need to lure out a Cuman guard and take his armor - most notably their masks - and pass yourself off as one of them.

You can determine what are the profits/losses and how significant they are during last periods of time.The balance sheet is influenced not only by the buildings but also by additional factors.