This isn’t the only LA home that’s been ridiculed for its architecture: Pharrell Williams just listed his large, For its part, the Loma Linda Drive address features six beds and six-and-a-half baths, 7,500 square feet of living space and an elevator, infinity pool and six-car garage. A stack of CDs. For the best experience, please enable cookies when using our site. JUATIN BIEBER’S HOUSE....I HAVE NEVER SEEN A HOUSE UGLIER bieber living in a community college Bieber's house looks like if Amazon made a community college’s saying Justin Bieber’s house (first picture) looks like the Avengers HQ, but am I the only one thinking… House looking like a blender does Justin Bieber's new house look like a food processor? Justin Bieber . It looks like Cookies are disabled in your browser. "For those with short memories or Bieber-related blockages, the young pop star had his first taste of fame a decade ago. At the beginning of the year, Justin Bieber took out a short-term lease on the place for the widely reported price $59,000 per month. Farrell received a priceless gift in repayment: The homeowner and his 12-year-old daughter were invited backstage at a Bieber show, Page Six reported.The musician topped off the year with a rental in London. This time, he chose an unusual-looking modern residence in Beverly Hills.This time he picked a place farther away from neighbors: the "The 6,500-square-foot property was on the market for almost $15 million. However, just months before the Having departed (or been chased from) the Calabasas area, the star decamped to After his short stay in the 90210, he rented a SoCal party pad for $29,000 a month. The $10.5 million six-bedroom, 6.5-bath estate, which was dubbed the “salad spinner house” due to its structure, cost the Bieber nearly $60,000 a month. Bieber rented the property, dubbed the "salad spinner," back in 2015. Page Six However, the house was booked and no amount of money would allow Bieber in the front door. The singer has two new, markedly less flashy properties to his name: a $5 million estate in Ontario, Canada, and an $8.5 million Beverly Hills pad. Singer Justin Bieber is renting the glass “Salad Spinner” house in Beverly Hills for a reported $59,000 per month. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Now You Can Lease It. More recently, pro basketball brothers Markieff and Marcus Morris checked in and out in six days. And the place he chose wasn't designed for standard shindigs—it was dubbed Hollywood's "The mansion offers a “nightclub, a movie theater, a gym, three bars, an elevator, a hideous Hollywood Sign rendered in blue glass tile, 10 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, and neon everywhere,” according to If you're interested in experiencing a little pop star magic and have around $35,000 a month to burn, the party-ready manse is Toward the tail end of 2014, the peripatetic pop star was on the move again. Normal rent on that place? However, all his favorite amenities are in place. Simultaneously over and understated. The ... had it not happened to be the former residence of one Justin Bieber. Its distinct architecture might have gone unnoticed by the general public…had it not happened to be the former residence of one Justin Bieber.The mansion was designed by Ed Niles and completed in 2009. A look inside one of the living room spaces. A stack of CDs. This isn’t the home’s first encounter with Internet fame. Social media users mock this Beverly Hills house, but tweeters got a few things wrong. 10. $80,000 a month!’m very jealous of Bieber’s mansion-sized salad shooterWhy did Justin Bieber live in the research center of a SimCity expansion pack? The five-bedroom mansion featured “sweeping views and graffiti art,” TMZ The new digs were also a relative bargain at $35,000 a month.And even though Bieber had departed the salad spinner, the drama wasn’t A new year and a new lease. Instead, Farrell loaned Bieber a different mansion for free. With no takers, the home was then offered as a luxury rental for $59,000 a month.Bieber apparently promised to rent the place for only a short period of time, which must have been some consolation to nervous neighbors.True to his word, the social media star did move out of the salad spinner—and into yet another rental in Beverly Hills. The Biebs is no stranger to a lavish pad - and this futuristic glass creation dubbed the 'salad spinner house' is his latest investment in Beverly Hills. Get quick and easy access to your home value, neighborhood activity and financial possibilites.While he's been a prolific renter, the 24-year-old singer recently made headlines on the "home" front.