You can use them to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. An interesting tidbit. That's actually kind of rare both in actually number of seasons but also in % of seasons played. ... Few things get baseball fans more riled up then talking about the Hall of Fame … I think Hunter is a solid Hall of Very Good type. (Note: I'm not saying there haven't been excellent players who declined after 28, just no player who matches Donaldson's career arc. According to Baseball Reference’s projections for the 2020 season, Donaldson is expected to hit .253/.361/.503 with 30 HR and 76 RBI, a tad lower than his average during the last seven seasons.
Josh Donaldson. In 12 of his 17 seasons he was good for 3+ WAR* each year. I went searching for players since 1950 who were among the best in baseball in their age 27-28 seasons but who hadn't done much before that to see if there was somebody comparable -- and then to see how those players aged.First, I was surprised to see where Donaldson ranked: His 15.4 WAR puts him tied for 13th in age 27-28 value with Chuck Knoblauch, just behind Anyway, I did find a few similar players. Josh Donaldson. His score of 43.8 is 1.6 points higher than the average Hall of Fame third basemen. Position: Third Baseman Bats: Right • Throws: Right 6-1, 210lb (185cm, 95kg) . I liked Hunter but the only case you can make for him getting in is that Harold Baines got in. He sits between Heinie Groh and Matt Williams.He needs 27 WAR to reach HOF level - that is a lot at his age.   I said in the 2019 thread that I would start this forum thread...  So to talk about his gold gloves first probably means that his counting stats don't quite add up.

That would give him a bWAR of about 14.5 over the next four seasons. Donaldson is 34 this season. He also needed to be over 900 XBHs for his career, the closer to 1000 the better. He makes an interesting case due to his incredible peak, but lacks the overall criteria as of now. As the recent Hall of Fame elections show us, evaluating baseball talent -- even Hall of Fame talent -- remains an imperfect, tricky science. However, it is important to note that this includes his disastrous 2018 season, which included him playing in only 52 games and gaining a 1.2 bWAR. Hall of Very Good may be more appropriate.This is about where I am with Hunter as well. The future looks bright. CON R. 102. I also liked that he talked about race in ways that made white audiences uncomfortable. It is the 13th-best for the position in the sport’s history. Eventual WAA comparables at the moment might be Ron Cey or Jeff Kent, which wouldn't bode well, but he's still got time to pile on some glory, after a relatively late start to his major league career.Hunter was really good defensively but Buxton has redefined what great looks like for me. Here’s what has to say so far: That doesn’t look promising. Florida.

Donaldson’s peak bWAR is what really stands out thanks to his impressive seven-year run.

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Why would Oakland GM Billy Beane trade a still-inexpensive player, one of the best in the league?The trouble with proving or disproving the hypothesis he has already peaked is that Donaldson's career arc is so unusual that there just aren't other players like him. I know Hunter's gold gloves were earned for the most part, but so many of them aren't. We present them here for purely educational purposes. He showed surprising quickness and athleticism at third base.

  I also think Hunter's personality and obvious leadership will help him a bit in the voting. Josh Donaldson is unlikely to become a Hall of Famer, but he's certainly in the midst of one of the most unusual careers I can remember. VIS. But b-r changed their WAR calculation and Hunter was one of the biggest beneficiaries, gaining 11 WAR in their new formula. in Few things get baseball fans more riled up then talking about the Hall of Fame and who deserves to make it in. He won nine Gold Glove awards, two Silver Sluggers, and was a five time All-Star over his career. After a 2018 that was riddled with injuries -- which limited him to 52 games with Toronto and Cleveland, though he still put up a 119 OPS+-- he “settled” for a one-year deal with Atlanta for $23 million.He ended up having a vintage Bringer of Rain season, and now he’s set … Hitting.

Third Base JAWS Leaders. I know Hunter's gold gloves were earned for the most part, but so many of them aren't. R. Throws. If you take out that season, Donaldson averaged a 7.1 bWAR in that span, which is a point above what is expected for a MVP candidate in a given season. DRG BNT ... Visit the official website of the Hall of Fame at 82. BNT. 6'1" Age.

No player above him in both those categories has played in less seasons than him.With Donaldson entering his age 34 season, where does he go from here? CLU. 20 3B Josh Donaldson Overall. Donaldson’s hypothetical total bWAR would be 59.3, which would the 17th-best. Matt Braun